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 "There will be blood!"

Yes, but in which popular show's finale: The Vampire Diaries or Once Upon a Time? Luckily, we have scoop on both shows' sure-to-be game-changing finales. And yes, sadly, blood will be guest-starring in one of them!

Plus, is there any hope for a Jeff and Annie hookup on Community or will her time spent in the Dreamatorium with Abed sink that popular ship?! And which two characters will be facing off on Game of Thrones come this Sunday? We've got all that, plus scoop on a fan favorite's return on Modern Family and more!

RodrigueSaad: Will take anything TVD related!
"There will be blood," Steven R. McQueen teases of TVD's season-three finale, which yes, he will be appearing in as he's back for the every single one of the last four episodes. Rejoice, Jeremy fans! Even better? It sounds like he's back for season four as well. Of the whole Gilbert-ring-turning-its-wearer-crazy twist, McQueen tells us, "That's been one of my saving graces; the one thing that keeps me safe is the ring. It'll be interesting to see where that goes and if that develops more this season and next season." Y'all better update your TVD death watch cards!

Robertdoc1984: Is the Community Dreamatorium episode this week a step forward or a big step backwards for the Jeff-Annie ship?
What if we say it's neither?! We caught up with Alison Brie who tells us, "The Jeff and Annie romance is a little bit on the back burner in the last half of season three."  Before you put on your felt evil goatees, know this: Annie and Abed will not be getting their romance on in the Dreamatorium episode, which Brie says features "a lot of effects" and calls "nutty." In fact, Annie isn't really focused on love these days. "It's dark timeline for Annie and romance," Brie says. "She's focusing more on her friendships these days more than relationships.

Suzylem: anything about Once Upon a Time?
Prepare yourselves for a lot of OMG-worthy moments in the finale, according to Snow White/Mary Margaret herself, Ginnifer Goodwin! "I will tell you that you will be throwing things at the television," she teases. "You will be shocked at where we're taking it!" Is the suspense killing you as well?

Game of Thrones, Eugene Simon


Frankie: Loved your Game of Thrones poll about the hottest man in Westeros, but you forgot Lancel! Make it up to me with some scoop please!
Sunday's your lucky day then because Lancel makes his first season-two appearance in the episode and guess what?! He's acting like a "little prick"! Hey, Eugene Simon's words, not ours! "The first interaction that Lancel really has with Tyrion sets the scene for how their relationship will exist for the rest of the season," he teases. The outcome of their pivotal scene? "Tyrion taking complete and utter control over Lancel." Sorry, Cersei!

Rebecca: I'd love some Modern Family scoop if you've got any!
Love triangle alert! Sarah Hyland's real-life beau Matt Prokop is going to face some serious onscreen competition when he guest stars as a new love interest for Haley: her ex Dylan! "We're dealing with Haley leaving or not leaving and the return of her boyfriend Dylan," Julie Bowen reveals to us.

Maggie Q, Nikita

Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW

Sid_347: Please, any scoop on Nikita's remaining episodes for this season?
We can tell you that someone we know dies in Friday's episode. In fact, they die within the first 10 minutes. Yeah, Nikita isn't messing around. Also? Maggie Q is raw and ridiculously good in the episode. Nikita is, quite frankly, going to scare the bejesus out of you.

Annie: What's coming up for my favorite character on GCB, Blake? Will his secret come out soon?
Pun fully intended, we assume? It's safe to say no secret can stay hidden forever…especially on GCB! "There's going to be a bit of a cliffhanger toward the end of the season involving someone catching on and it's a threat," Mark Deklin says of Blake's sexual orientation secret. "The secret will bite me in the ass at some point." Ruh-roh!

Alabama Worley: Is Breaking In really done this time?
Sadly Fox did pull the comedy from its schedule and even more ominous for it's survival chances was that it didn't make it to the final rounds of E!'s Save One Show competition, but we do hear a faint heartbeat of life for Breaking In. At least for the remaining episodes to see the light of day.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker and Christina Dowling

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