Cory Monteith, Lea Michele

Frank Micelotta/FOX

Dear Ted:
I know how much you just love to hate on Lea Michele. I, on the other hand, find her go-getter attitude refreshing. So do you think she had her eyes on Cory Monteith while she was still dating her ex? My feeling is yes, and there's nothing wrong with that. The guy is hot! Was he the real reason for the breakup?
—T's Mom

Dear Mouthwatering Monteith:
No and no, mama. Lea was hot and heavy enough with her ex-BF—remember that whole Time 100 Gala incident?—to keep herself plenty occupied, without lusting after any of her fellow Gleeks. But when those two split, she could ogle whoever she wanted to. And Cory is very much the opposite of her bad-boy ex.

Dear Ted:
Prior to Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris's marriage, you pretty openly insinuated that the relationship was fake. After they tied to knot you backed off. Why? You of all people know many people have done much more than exchange some vows for the sake of reputation.

Dear Words in my Mouth:
Now now, Mikey, I never said it was fake. Just that I'd be surprised if they were serious in hitting the altar. Which (of course) they did and proved me wrong. And you said it yourself: There are plenty of other stars who fake their way through tying the knot…Danneel and her hubby aren't one of them.

Dear Ted:
Jensen, Jared. Whatevs. What about superhot and totally wild Misha Collins? He must have been honored with his own Blind Vice by now, right?

Dear More SPN Spillage:
Nope! While Misha may be one of the more publicly outrageous members of the gang, he's hardly rated R behind the scenes.

Dear Ted:
Wow! Just watched an old Friends episode and was impressed at how much Kristen Stewart looks like Courteney Cox! With the obvious difference (sorry for the bitchiness) that CC can act way better. But if anyone needs a mother/daughter combo for a movie, it most definitely should be them. And by the by, gotta ask: Can Matt Bomer be any better? (sorry, Chandler gets to me) He can sing! I want to ravage him, even if he is gay!

Dear Friendly Fire:
Wouldn't it just be divine if K.Stew got to play Courteney in a flashback on Cougar Town? I'd love to see Kristen show off her comedic skills and it'd be sure to be a ratings-boosting, stunt-casting success for the show. Sigh, it would never happen though. To borrow another Friends fave: Hey Bomer, how you doin'?

Dear Ted:
Quick and to the point...Is Strawberry Snort'Em Amanda Bynes?

Dear Quick and to the Answer:
No. S.S.'s bad habits haven't earned her a mug shot.

Dear Ted:
Just finished 50 Shades of Grey and couldn't help but wonder if there is a Blind Vicer that is similar to the Christian character. Do any of your BV stars have a red room of pain-like Vice? If that even qualifies as a Vice in Hollywood?
—Reader of Mommy Porn

Dear Ball Gag Me:
Hmm. There are plenty of Vicers into some bizarro bedroom. But why don't you revist Whip-Me Mendelson for your par-tick brand of entertainment.

Dear Ted:
Is Harriet Talons the witty Mindy Kaling? Works in The Office, loves drama and is also a writer in the show? If not, am I close?

Dear Heavens No!
Doesn't everyone love Mindy?!

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