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Dear Ted:
Yay! I knew Supernatural would win the Ultimate Fan Battle! So…don't want to be pushy, Teddy bear, but you said you were going to reward us with some Vice scoop to celebrate the victory. When will you tell us? We're all dying to know what it could possibly be. A big juicy hint, perhaps?!
—SPN 4 Ever!

Dear Sound the Trumpets:
How about instead of a hint, I'll give you a notting? Listen up, brother lovers and Vice addicts alike: Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream are officially not Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. So…any guesses which monikers they actually belong to?

Dear Ted:
Are you superstitious? So George Clooney's GF Stacy Keibler modeled wedding dresses in Hello magazine and said her style icon is Grace Kelly in the little interview. Do you think she is wishing for a movie role as Grace Kelly?

Dear Wedded Woes:
Wishing for a movie role…or a groom? Either way, I suspect she won't be getting it anytime soon. Stacy isn't stupid: She knows she has to cut her chops as more than just Georgie's arm candy before expecting to land any biopic roles. And she knows not to push her bachelor of a boyfriend to get serious…that's the fastest way to end up in Singlesville, after all.

Dear Ted:
I wanna know what you think about Alexander Skarsgard and Scarlett Johansson as a couple. Would they be good together?

Dear Swedish Romance:
Surely they'd look good together…but better than A.Skars and Charlize Theron? I think not! I'm sticking to the coupling we already have.

Dear Ted:
I'm enjoying the casting discussion for Finnick in Hunger Games and Christina in Fifty Shades of Grey. How about Hayden Christensen for Christian? He can do playing and boyish, and dark and brooding…and his smile is perfect!

Dear Bringing Sexy Back:
We haven't seen good old Anakin do anything in a while, so he'd certainly be available...But I don't think he has that raw sexual magnetism required to play Mr. Grey. After all, the dude's better known for being Rachel Bilson's accessory than a dangerous playboy.

Dear Ted:
I've seen some pics of a new project from Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson and can't help but wonder what's next for them? And why no updates on Rupert Grint? Is he still acting? Thanks!

Dear Life After Hogwarts:
You really couldn't blame any of those H.P. kids if they wanted to take a break after doing the wizarding thing for so long! But Rupert does have a few projects lined up, just like his more limelight-suited costars. So don't fret, you'll see him again. Probably just not in as big a way as Emma in Sofia Coppola's Bling Ring. Can't wait for that one!

Dear Ted:
Why are all the suggestions for Finnick Odair so white bread? My vote is for Jesse Williams. He's got the looks and, I think, the chops. Plus he would bring continued diversity into the mix, which I feel is important! What do you think?
Mix it up

Dear Bold Move:
I think it's a great idea. He's certainly sexy enough to take on the role. And while I'd worry his acting skills might not be as up to snuff as Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence, he was great in Cabin in the Woods and I'd love to see him on the big screen again.

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