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Dear Ted:
Do you think The Hunger Games will grab any Academy Award nominations? You already said it's not the normal Oscar movie they would go for, but both fans and critics seemed to enjoy the film, giving it raving reviews all round. The acting is phenomenal and the overall film was remarkable, not to mention Gary Ross' incredible directing, the futuristic set designs, the emotion and perfect original score and adapted screenplay. So do you think they will have any luck at the Oscars?
—Forever Hoping

Dear Critics Choice:
Honestly, probably not, babe. I wish it were different, but the young adult adaptation stuff is so not the Academy's scene. So as much as I too would love Jennifer Lawrence to rack up another nom or for Gary and Suzanne Collins to score for the script, I think the most we can hope for is best sound editing. Maybe if the Oscars were more like, well, the Hunger Games, the movie would have a chance.

Dear Ted:
You recently told us that there is one Vice-loving star on the show GCB. I am wondering what category the Vice falls into? Drug, drinking, sex or diva 'tude (or a combo of these)? Give us some hints please! Love ya!

Dear Dubious Dallas:
Let's just say, life imitates art…though the actress (hint #1) doing the Vicing off set isn't necessarily doing that same naughty deed on screen (hint #2). Start mixing and matching, my crafty little belle.

Dear Ted:
I was shocked to read somewhere that Austin Nichols has a Blind Vice. It seems like everyone who has worked with him, from fellow actors to directors, has nothing but kind words about him. And he seems to keep himself well out of the tabloids. Can I get a hint as to what Austin is keeping from us? And does his Vice have a costar or is it solo? Mucho thanks!

Dear Talk of the Tabloids:
Well, of course the rag mags don't write about sweet Austin (who, yes, is as nice as he appears and as his costars say). He's an expert at keeping his Vice under wraps—one of the best, actually. Regarding your last question: Yes.

Dear Ted:
I have a really easy question for you. It's about Debbie Doobie. Is she working now? Where she is now, TV or movies?

Dear Boob Tube Doob:
She's currently on the small screen, P. That was easy!

Dear Ted:
Since I love participating in these fantasy castings for upcoming movies that you put out there, here's one: How about Keegan Allen, who plays Toby on Pretty Little Liars, for a young Haymitch in Catching Fire? Dye his hair blonde and he could pass for younger Woody. Do you agree?

Dear Blast From the Past:
Doggonit, Sonja, that might just be brilliant. He does look a lot like a younger Woody Harrelson and he isn't a big enough star that he'd cost the Catching Fire peeps too much money. I like it. Now we just need a director to pass the memo on to.

Dear Ted:
Is there some reason that absolutely no one has mentioned Gwyneth Paltrow for Grace Kelly? I get that some people don't like her (no idea why, I think she's great), but come on, she is perfect for Grace.

Dear GOOP Royalty:
My main issue with Nicole Kidman is her age—she's a bit too old to be playing the Grace at the center of this par-tick flick. And while Gwyn-gal would make a good Grace—just like Nic would—not even those pricey GOOP juice cleanses could make her as age-appropriate as, say, Blake Lively.

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