Ultimate Fan Battle

Gleeks vs. Beliebers. Twi-hards vs. Mockingjays. Little Monsters vs. Muppet lovers. It was enough fan-on-fan competition to drive anyone mad! But after tens of thousands of votes and weeks of loyal dedication, Team Truth and Team Watch with Kristin have found the winner of our Ultimate Fan Battle.

And the last round was sure to be a bloodbath: Buffy vs. Supernatural, i.e., vampire slayers vs. demon hunters (could you think of a more appropriate finale?!). So who came out on top? The honor goes to…

Supernatural, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles

Jack Rowand/The CW


That's right, fans of the CW hit starring hunky Jensen Ackles and equally gorgeous Jared Padalecki started off strong—only nominating their favorite show exactly four bajillion times at the beginning of the tourney—and carried that momentum through to the finish line.

You SPN fans really are something!

Which makes us not in the least surprised that—as WWK reported—it's likely that there could be another season of Sam and Dean doing their thang. Hey, if the demand is there (and it certainly is), why not keep it up?!

And we certainly don't oppose faces that handsome making a weekly appearance on our boob tubes.

So congrats, Supernatural fans, you earned it! Your dedication has paid off, and in the eyes of E! Online you are officially the Ultimate Fandom. Now, we hope you'll use that power for good and not evil, OK?

And to celebrate your victory, I'm going to give you a very special prize within the next few days. Here's a hint: It's Vice-related! Stay tuned…

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