Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, Joe Manganiello, Magic Mike

Claudette Barius/Warner Bros

Leave it to a bunch of male strippers to know the art of the tease.

Because Warner Brothers has released new pictures from the summer stripper flick Magic Mike and we expected to see skin, skin and more skin from Channing Tatum and his mantastic costars. Instead, we got velvet, leather and…well, a lot more clothes than expected!

So is this enough to hold you over until the main show? Or are you starting to feel totally turned off?

We're still in it for the long run (duh)!—after all, we only have to wait until summer to see it all.

The first picture released shows all the man candy on stage—that'd be Channing along with Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez and Joe Manganiello—right as their number is beginning. We can't quite tell if there's a particular theme to this routine, but…who cares?!

Especially since, if those ties on Tatum and Bomer are any indication, the routine ends in full on ab glory (you certainly peeped the more gratuitous shot Entertainment Weekly released earlier this year, yes?).

Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Magic Mike

Claudette Barius/Warner Bros

The other picture is of Channing and Matthew McConaughey (who previously did Uncle Sam proud in a shirtless, patriotic pic) hitting the books over a few drinks. And, suffice it to say, there's no dude thongs in sight.

Hey, is it so much to ask that after hearing all sorts of enticing things from the cast, we get to peep it, too? These guys are lucky their mugs are handsome enough, or we'd be calling foul!

But what say you, Awful readers and exotic dancing connoisseurs: are you totally into these two new snapshots from the film? Or do you think the Magic Mike team is doing themselves a disservice by keeping all the goodness under wraps?

Either way, can we just request two things, WB? First, the trailer (let's see the motion in the ocean, already!). Second, more photos of blue eyed beauty Matt Bomer. Lots more photos. That's not asking too much, is it?!

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