Smash, Uma Thurman


Do you remember the Smash musical number "Let's Be Bad"? Consider that Rebecca Duvall's theme song.

So what kind of trouble will Uma Thurman be bringing to Bombshell? Plus, Barney and Robin fans might want to check out the little bit of scoop we got for them regarding the How I Met Your Mother finale. All that, plus Game of Thrones, Glee, Big Bang Theory and more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat…

Alicia: Any Smash scoop?
The new celebrity Marilyn (Thurman) will, not surprisingly at all, be a lot more trouble than she's probably worth. She'll become an ally of Karen's (Katharine McPhee), but will they remain friends after Rebecca totally pulls a Britney Spears and makes headlines for fighting with paparazzi? That can't be good press for a show struggling to get off the ground.

Jenn: I'm bumming about Barney and Quinn is there any hope for Robin?
There's tons of hope for Robin…career-wise. Oh, did you mean romance-wise? Sorry, sugar. Prepare for the How I Met Your Mother writers to keep torturing us by keeping Barney and Robin apart, because he is pretty happy with his current gal. Although we hear that the finale has something that fans of the Barney and Robin will see as a hopeful sign.

Mikey: Is Wolowtiz really going into outer space in the season finale? #BigBangTheory
The season finale will definitely take us very close to an actual space shuttle launch. How do we know? Big Bang Theory is looking for someone who speaks fluent Russian to be the voice of Mission Control. But it's something that happens moments before the launch that is really out of this world, and it has to do with Penny and [spoiler alert]!

Glee, Dianna Agron

Adam Rose/FOX

Sherri R.: Is it just me or does the cast of Glee not know what's really happening next season?
You're probably correct, especially with constant rumors about which cast members will be returning. All we do know is that graduation is coming…and soon. "I'm assuming that we will know more within this next month, because we are doneshooting in a month." Dianna Agron told Ryan Seacrest recently. "So, it will be really interesting to see what new shape the show takes, because it has to change. A lot of us are graduating. They have some sort of a plan, but it really got [figured out] I think in the last week or so and then we'll know more."

Mara: Anything on Don't Trust the B----- in Apartment 23? I loved the season premiere!
You loved the first episode? Good, we can still be friends. If you are looking forward to more outrageous Beek, you are in luck! James Van Der Beek told E! News that his TV alter ego is rolling out tight jeans, acting lessons from Mad Men phenom Kiernan Shipka and will go toe to toe with his nemesis, Dean Cain. Trust us, we've seen the next two episodes and they are hilarious. But what's not hilarious? Tax day. (Like that segue? Rough, we know.) But the man formerly known as Dawson has a cure for that, too. He's teaming up with Trident for some Facebook fun on Tax Day, which is April 17 this year for those lucky kids who don't pay taxes yet.

Kiefer Sutherland

Brian Bowen Smith/FOX

Hunter: Touch scoop please! It's my favorite show and I don't see scoop on it much.
Please forgive us, dear sir. In episode nine we'll meet Martin's (Kiefer Sutherland) former mentor, Henry. Martin is responsible for putting Henry on his journalism career path that's since gone a wee bit downhill. But those two go back even further than that. Henry is also the father of Martin's high school sweetheart. Oh, did we mention she'll be in this episode, too? Former young love is in the air, ya'll

@mindonlost: what do you have on Ayra and Gendry or cutie Jon Snow on Game of Thrones?
We hope you already voted for one of our favorite GoT dudes in our poll because Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is about to get a little less pretty. How dare someone touch his perfect face! Don't worry, at least they don't touch his hair. We apologize, we just can't seem to let go of how hot the guys in Game of Thrones are.

Madison: I'll take any and all scoop on PLL!
There's about to be a girl fight! OK, maybe girl fight is a bit of an exaggeration, but fans should definitely prepare to see a confrontation between Hanna and former bestie Mona, who we all now know is "A," when the show returns for its third season in June.

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, and Christina Dowling

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