If you need someone to be able to sell heartbroken and distraught, you go to Sandra Oh. That woman can cry and yell. She can sob and laugh hysterically. And she can do it all convincingly. All that and more happened on tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

So is Cristina and Owen's marriage done for good? Find out now:


Anatomy of a Breakup: We already knew that Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd are capable of amazing work, but seeing this episode-long breakdown of their marriage was quite impressive. Purely from a TV lover's point of view, of course. The other part of us is squirming in pain while watching the very honest and very ugly breakup. It's been coming for weeks—nay, months, and it's still difficult to watch. But the big sticking point, and perhaps nail in the coffin, is not that Owen cheated, but rather that he cheated to hurt Cristina. Ouch.

Human Xerox Machine: Seeing how impressive Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is after completing the "Torres method" of studying, makes Alex (Justin Chambers), April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) look pathetic in comparison. In fact, they are so close to failing their board exams they make Lexie (Chyler Leigh) use her photographic mind techniques until they break her. Poor Lexie, no man (Shonda, don't think we forgot that she and Mark belong together) and definitely no brain left after that mind melt.

Hail to the Chief: Oh Mark (Eric Dane), you gorgeous fool. You brilliant jester. We know by now that Mark often serves as pretty stellar comic relief and after the sobfest that is the Cristina-Owen saga, we admit we need a little laugh. So sign us up for "Beef With the Chief" every day! We love that he actually did well as chief after a few little speed bumps, but the best thing was we learned that Owen didn't actually ask him to step in.

Widow's Night Out: We miss Henry (Scott Foley) too, but that was like half a season ago. Time to move on, poor sad widow Teddy (Kim Raver). We kid! We hate to say it, but we really don't think there is any getting over Scott Foley. Teddy should just pack it up and head to a nunnery now. If Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) were true friends, they'd stop her from watching the world's saddest movie, Beaches. And they definitely wouldn't let her cry along to Dirty Dancing. Fine girlfriends they are, they may as well let her watch Steel Magnolias!


"No. No more using my sister like a database. We broke her." —Meredith

"I could say it out loud, but it would be inappropriate for the workplace, so I'm just going to think it." —Ben

"The Torres method is inside you." —Callie

"Am I a fantastic leader or what?" —Mark


Step Away from the Ledge: Cristina-Owen fans please stop crying. Keep the faith. If you've been an avid Grey's Anatomy viewer, you know things have to get worse before they can get better. Sandra Oh calls it "not immediately solvable." So it might not be an instant fix, but there is hope. Hold onto that hope, kids.

Missing Person: Bailey's baby is missing! While Bailey has taken a backseat in the past few weeks, it looks like Chandra Wilson will get a chance to flex her dramatic-acting muscles next week. No doubt our tears will be flowing.

So fellow viewers were you just gutted by that Cristina-Owen confession hour? Do you think they are setting up Mark to be chief in the event of some casting shakeups next season?  Are Alex, April and Jackson totally screwed for the boards? Hug it out in the comments!

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