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Over vampires? Tired of tributes? Rest assured, Awful readers, Stephenie Meyer's ditched her shirtless werewolves and chilly vamps for sexy aliens in her latest book turned big-screen adaptation, The Host.

And even though the movie doesn't hit theaters until March 29, 2013, we recently had our first look at both the mind-blowing trailer and the creepy one-eyed poster.

So, before you Twi-hards go into a tizzy and insist nothing can top Twilight (or Robsten), take a sec and check out five things you need to know about S.M.'s sci-fi sensation.

Saoirse Ronan

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1. The Leading Lass Has Mega-Talent: Haven't heard of Saoirse Ronan? Well, cement that Irish name in your brain, because Ronan is an acting force to be reckoned with. She appeared alongside Keira Knightley in Atonement and was nominated for an Academy Award for her role at the young age of 13. Saoirse also starred in The Lovely Bones and most recently the action flick Hanna. Quite an impressive résumé, no? Kristen Stewart, you've certainly got some competition.

2. Get Ready for Lots of Sci-Fi Action: If the teaser trailer is any indication, we're gearing up for a supernatural sensation. And while the preview keeps things mysterious, we do know the movie follows Mel (Ronan), whose body becomes inhabited by the Wanderer alien and she must fight for control of her mind. "It is no longer your world," Ronan whispers in the trailer as we watch a quick flash of alien-inhabited humans. Intrigued yet? We're certainly excited to see more.

3. Shocker! There's a Love Triangle: It wouldn't be a Stephenie Meyer film if there was no angst-ridden, over-the-moon, utterly unrealistic love story, right? Well, duh, and this film won't disappoint. It's far more complicated than whether Bella prefers a werewolf or a vampire, but expect an alien love triangle complete with Meyer's cheesy one-liners we love.

4. The Book's as Big as Twilight: True, The Host has hardly garnered as much buzz as the Twilight juggernaut, but the novel itself is churning out equally impressive Twi-esque stats. It spent 26 weeks as No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list and also spent more than 36 weeks on the Los Angeles Times best-seller list. Forget Fifty Shades of Grey! Apparently The Host is the book to read. And lucky for you loyal S.M. fans, Ms. Meyer said she wants to turn the story into a trilogy. Shocker.

5. The Film's Following in Twilight's Footsteps: Turns out Baton Rouge has gotten a double dose of Stephenie Meyer—much of The Host's filming took place where Breaking Dawn was first filmed. A few other on-set deets? Stephen Rider (who plays Seeker Reed in the flick) recently tweeted they have "all" read the book and said he sees Stephenie on set "almost every day." Rider also dished that the "cast is stellar" and it's "truly an amazing experience." What? No Twilight-style drama? Oh well, at least there's one more Breaking Dawn film to keep that goss coming.

So there ya have it, Awful readers. We're delving into post-Twi territory and want to hear what you have to say. Will The Host trump all that Twilight's accomplished? Should Rob, Kristen and Taylor be worried about their competition?

Sound off below!

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