Khloé Kardashian Odom got the chance to play whack-a-tabloid this morning!

Sitting in the hot seat as a guest host on The Talk, the E! star was presented with a series of headlines that she proceeded to either "klarify" or shoot down completely, starting with an In Touch story about her suffering a miscarriage.

True or false?

"I'm only laughing because it's so ridiculous," Khloé said of the most brazen rumor of the bunch. "I typically don't address a lot of the tabloids because 90 percent of what they write is false. But when you talk about someone having a miscarriage, that's so personal and so hurtful, and I personally...Lamar and I do want kids and it will happen when it's in God's plan to happen. With the trade moving back and forth, there's a reason why we don't have a newborn baby right now."

"That's such bad karma—is that how much you guys need to sell magazines?" she added. "It's sad becuase I get emails from friends that are like, 'I'm so sorry, I didn't know,' and I'm like, 'What didn't you know?'"

She concluded: "Not true, thank God."

And as for the back and forth in the media over whether she's been undergoing fertility treatments, Khloé insisted that if she were doing so, she would share!

"I am very honest and an open book...I'm 27, and if I was having fertility treatments I would want to share that with the world, 'cause I would want people to know that at my age it's OK. It's common, it's not just for people who are older who want to have kids. I would not hide that and I don't understand why people keep claiming I'm doing things that then become unsuccessful."

But then it was on to a more light-hearted—yet very promising on the intensity scale—subject: Kim Kardashian's maybe-romance with Kanye West, which made the cover of Us Weekly with the headline, "Crazy Love."

"Kanye's been a family friend of ours forever," Khloé began, treading lightly, "and I love Kanye. I think he is an amazing person. He is, truly, so sweet. I think sometimes he gets a bad rep in the media, but he's always been a great friend to Kim and to all of us."

"It's sad," she continued, "because if Kim is going on a dinner date with him, just to even see what's happening, the next day, they're getting married" in the tabloids. "You can't just live your life...I feel like the media puts so much pressure and spin on everything. It's like, let's just hang out and see what they really want to do."

When asked if Kanye was "in love" with her sister, Khloé coyly replied, "I don't know. Listen, I love Kanye, I've always loved Kanye. And I love Kim. I love them together. They've been friends and they get each other."

Khloé also loves Kanye for texting her hubby, Lamar Odom, "encouraging things" and being a great friend. "That is the way to do it," she said, laughing.

So, if anything, Khloé's already way more in Kanye's camp than she ever was with Kim's soon-to-be ex-husband, Kris Humphries, who rubbed Khloé the wrong way from the start.

Asked if Kanye is friends with Bruce Jenner yet, Khloé replied, "We're workin' on that."

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