What do you do when your TV show is in the center of a nasty feud? Make a joke of the whole situation, of course!

That's just what Joel McHale did this morning while cohosting with Kelly Ripa on Live! With Kelly. The Chevy Chase-Dan Harmon war of voicemails was brought up, but instead of skirting around the issue, McHale dove right in…

When Ripa brought up the issue, McHale quipped that the whole thing was "good times" and "very comfortable."

"It was over voicemails, so there's been some recorded messages from Chevy," McHale said. "And now people are like, 'Do you think they're true?' And as I've said before, we said it on The Soup, it's impossible because there's no way Chevy could figure out voicemail. He hibernates for nine months out of the year, and when you wake someone up, they're very disoriented and a lot of the time they don't know what they're saying."

Though the feud has been extremely messy, McHale saw the silver lining in the situation, reasoning that the voicemails have been "keeping us in the news." And since Community has yet to get a season four pickup, the extra press couldn't hurt.

Ripa then suggested that they get Chase to leave him an angry voicemail, thus keeping Community in the news. "Maybe I should bait him into it. Come on, you wuss, leave me a message," McHale said to the camera

We're sure if that message does come, it'll leak online and we'll have more to write about. We want to save Community, too!

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