Glee, Matt Bomer

Adam Rose/FOX

After watching Glee tonight, you must've had two questions. First: How many times can I watch Matt Bomer's Free Credit RatingToday commercials before I memorize the whole thing? And second, If Cooper Anderson made an audition tape for the new Transformers movie, I need to see it. Now.

To answer the first question: seven times. And to answer the second: Can you guess what footage we got our hands on?

In the end of "Big Brother," Blaine (Darren Criss) convinced his big brother Cooper (Bomer) to submit an audition tape to Transformers director Michael Bay. And because we can never have enough Matt Bomer in our lives, we are so excited to share this footage with you.

Let us warn you now: It's the greatest audition you will ever witness. Ever. Cooper is in full acting mode, complete with pointing, and there's even a death scene! Plus, Blaine makes an appearance, and who doesn't love the Anderson brother together in one video?

Check out the audition footage below, and then tell us how Michael Bay could possibly deprive Cooper of the Transformers role!

What do you think? Best audition tape ever?

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