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Dear Ted:
What is going on with the Olsen twins' love lives? Forgive me if this is rude, but they're so random and I just don't get it! First, there's Mary-Kate Olsen, who's been linked to Heath Ledger (obviously) and then Kanye West. And Ashley Olsen was cute with Justin Bartha but then In Touch tried to link her with Johnny Depp. Are all these romances true…or just rumors?

Dear Trouble for Two:
The Olsen ladies have never had, shall we say, conventional love lives, but I think much of the hoopla is overblown. I'd believe M.K. and Kanye snogged in a club—she does like the bad boys, after all—before I would even give second thought to Ash and Johnny (don't buy it). The gals like to be unpredictable, and that especially includes with their man candy.

Dear Ted:
What is Taylor Lautner's obsession with Cirque du Soleil? He was spotted at a show again on Sunday. Is he researching for a movie or hooking up with one of the performers—or is it just the typical night out for an underage star?

Dear Flipped Out:
Well don't you know what all that Cirque biz is about? Tons of half-naked people running around, doing flips and whatnot. With an emphasis on the half-nakedness. And when you put it like that, why wouldn't a teenage boy be into it?

Dear Ted:
Just rereading The Hunger Games trilogy and realized there's a part where Peeta and Katniss will see a glimpse of Haymitch's past. Now I wonder who would play young Haymitch. It's a brief, yet important part of the story. I'm still trying to figure out who would fit that about you?
—Catching Fire

Dear Game On:
Hmm, good point. They have to include that in Catching Fire, don't they, especially if they want the end to make sense. (BTW, I cannot wait to see the arena in movie two, it's much more thrilling than the first.) As for Haymitch, I have a feeling they'll go with an unknown with a strong resemblance to Woody Harrelson. But if they don't any suggestions, readers?

Dear Ted:
What's your opinion on Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt? There are photos of them leaving the airport together. Apparently they were spotted having lunch together in Toronto. They were all lovey-dovey at the Salmon Fishing in the Yemen premiere. Maybe too cozy?
Nina D

Dear Fishing for Controversy:
Costars are allowed to be close without getting it on behind the scenes, babe. Which is exactly the case here. Did you forget about John Krasinski? Plus, it'd make sense that they're globetrotting together and doing meals, they're on a press tour after all.

Dear Ted:
Okay, Chris Evans for Finnick Odair. I hate to disagree with you about Taylor Kitsch, but I would not want his name associated with the movie after the debacle that was John Carter. He really does not fit Finnick's physical description at all. But that's just my humble opinion. Smiles!

Dear May the Best Man Win:
I'll give you Chris for Finnick. He's got the bod and pretty-boy good looks (plus, he doesn't seem to ever say no to a big box-office flick). But what the heck do you mean Mr. Kitsch doesn't fit Finnick, have you ever seen Friday Night Lights or even John Carter—total Finnick 'tude!   

Dear Ted:
Per your fantastic advice, I just finished reading (and then rereading and rereading) the Fifty Shades series. In. Love. When can we start playing the casting game for some of the supporting characters?! I'm all for Charlize Theron for Mrs. Elena Bitch Troll Robinson. What do you think? Very truly yours

Dear Fifty Shades of Be-yotch:
Seductive blond cougar with a  dark side? Sure, Charlize could nail that part. But would she do it? Don't bet on it. Not in a million years.

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