Usher, Twit Pic


Before you yell OMG, relax. Usher is still with us.

The R&B sensation is the latest victim of what has become quite the trend lately—creating fake celebrity death stories and watching the rumors spread like wildfire on the Internet.

The one announcing the false demise of Usher appears to have originated with Global Associated News, which claimed that the Grammy winner was killed in a car crash and was pronounced dead at the scene. The site, it should be noted, is a place for morbid folks to go and plug in a famous person's name into a generator that creates their own celebrity death headlines. Nice, right?

Usher quickly assured fans that there's no need to worry.

"I must've died and went to heaven...Alive and cold kickin ass!!" he tweeted along with a photo showing off his buff bod, later adding: "Livin' Legend!"

To which we say: Yeah!

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