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Uh-oh. Did Rock Week prove to be too much for the contestants on Dancing With the Stars?

Between stress fractures, wardrobe malfunctions and Melissa Gilbert being sent to the hospital after a routine trick gone wrong, it wasn't an easy night of competition. So what did the stars have to say after the show about everything gone wrong? And someone has a crush on Gavin DeGraw's butt?! You heard right...

Every season of Dancing With the Stars includes one injury after another. Monday night saw Melissa get up close and personal with the dance floor during a trick near the end of her dance. While it looked as though her back hit the floor, it was her head that smacked the ground, and it was decided she go to the hospital as a precaution. When we caught up with Sherri Shepard after the show, she spilled on the severity of Melissa's injury.

"It's not her back," Sherri told us. "Melissa was doing a trick at the end and she hit her head so she put an ice pack on there, but they wanted to make sure everything was OK and check her out. It shows you people are so committed to doing this show and doing the dance that they're pushing through so many things."

Speaking of pushing through things, with two broken ribs and stress fracture in her foot, Extra host Maria Menounos has still managed to dance through the pain and keep an upbeat attitude with partner Derek Hough.

"I don't want people to think that every week I'm busted," she told us after the show. "All [the injuries] happened within the first week and a half. Everything just hit me like a ton of bricks. I wasn't prepared and it just happened. I didn't have an official diagnosis until recently because I was like, 'My feet hurt really bad,' but I have a high tolerance for pain and then I finally got the diagnosis, so now we really gotta watch out."

Her partner Derek says he has full faith in Maria's recovery, and their chemistry is one of the driving factors that keeps them going. "I think we are just very similar people in life and we just have a really good time," he said. "I really enjoy coming to practice and dancing with her. I'm hard on her and I push her because I really believe in her. We're doing anything and everything possible to keep her in this."

One couple that desperately wants to stay out of the bottom two this week is Gavin and partner Karina Smirnoff, who aren't sure they'll be safe at Tuesday night's elimination. "We're still in that position where we really need people to vote for us," Gavin told us. "There is no such thing as true security here. It's a casino and it's not all up to us. So we still need people to vote for us and hopefully we'll end up above the bottom two."

One thing Gavin can be sure about? Karina's admiration for his perfect butt!

"I'm shocked that Bruno didn't comment on the booty, because you think of all people he'd say the booty was a perfect shape because it is," Karina laughed. "I mean, seriously! If we are going to undress Gavin, it's not a square booty. It's quite round."

Who do you think will be going home tomorrow night? Do you think Maria should keep dancing through injury? Most importantly, do you think Gavin has a cute butt? Let us know in the comments!

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