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Dear Ted:
I have seen some of the interviews between The Hunger Games' leads, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Is it me or are these two trying too hard to appear more than friends in front of the cameras? Josh said in an interview that he might be "in love" with Lawrence. J.Law teased Josh for not returning her call. What's the deal?

Dear Just Friends:
Sorry, x, but it's simply good chemistry—though, not of the romantic variety. The two are good friends, so of course they get along really well for cameras. As for J.Hutch's comments, well, who isn't at least a little in love with Jen right now? We know we are! 

Dear Ted:
While my gut tells me that most of the Community cast knows to keep their heads down and mouths shut, I can't help but wonder: Where do most people side in the Chevy Chase vs. Dan Harmon debacle?

Dear Unity in Community:
It's hardly a secret that Chevy is hard to work with—always has been and always will be (just read any of those SNL sagas). And while I personally think more of his costars would side with their show's creator, it's smart that they're playing it P.C. It's not their battle, after all. 

Dear Ted:
I like Nicole Kidman, but I think Evan Rachel Wood would have been fabulous to play Grace Kelly. She can act and she can play cold and kitten, both elements of the Princess of Monaco.
—Soulless Minions 

Dear Saving Grace:
Great casting idea, Ms. Minion! Maybe even better than my suggestions? I do think Blake Lively has a lot in common with Grace, but Evan Rachel Wood has exactly the right look, age and personality to pull off the elusive princess. Not to mention, Nic Kidman would be totally convincing as a mature version of Evan

Dear Ted:
I was wondering about Miley Cyrus. Does she actually have any projects—music or acting—in the works? All she seems to be doing is trying to draw attention to herself and not necessarily in the most flattering ways. I know she's trying hard to break out of the Disney mold, but I think that's incredibly difficult since half of her music came from Hannah Montana. Thoughts?

Dear Go the Extra Miles:
Miley has two movies set to come out (LOL and So Undercover) and she recently dropped out of another to work on her music career, so you'll be getting plenty more Cyrus soon! And she is doing pretty well with the pop star thing sans her small-screen alter ego (remember how she "Can't Be Tamed"?) I think it's safe to say she's broken out the Disney mold already. Do you agree? 

Dear Ted:
All of this Finnick Odair casting speculation is starting to make me anxious. While I've heard a lot of great names tossed around, I'm particularly partial to Hunter Parrish. He was so close to being cast as Peeta and, while I think he would have been perfect, I definitely loved Josh Hutcherson's portrayal. That being said, Hunter is finishing up his run on Broadway, heading out to L.A. to finish Weeds, then he's free. I can't help thinking he would be beyond flawless as Finnick.

Dear Tribute Appeal:
Hunter's definitely got the pretty face and perfect bod, but he seems to much in the same vein as Joshy and Cato (Alexander Ludwig) to me. Let's mix it up a bit and get someone equally as good looking but with a different look in there. What do you think readers? Yay or nay on Mr. Parrish?

Dear Ted:
After reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I was thinking about who could pull off the innocent-but-daring Anastasia: What about Shailene Woodley? She can do innocent (think Secret Life of the American Teenager) and I loved her attitude in The Descendants. As for Christian, I can't think of anyone but the oh-so-hot-but-oh-so-cool Ryan Gosling, of course

Dear Shai What?!:
Not a horrible, at all, Coll! Shailene's proven her acting chops, so she could elevate the erotic material beyond what could otherwise come off as big screen porno. As for Gos? As much as we all wish we could see him in something this steamy, we're going to have to dream on! 

Dear Ted:
Now that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart both have movies coming out this year (other than Breaking Dawn Part 2) my question is: Who of the two do you think will be nominated for an Oscar first? I really like both Rob and Kristen, but I am hoping its Kristen. I feel like she gets more crap about her acting than Rob does. I'm not saying Rob is better than Kristen or she is better than him in acting, but it seems like Kristen has a lot more haters than Rob in general. And (in my opinion) she has way more to prove than Rob.

Dear The Oscar Goes To…:
I think Kristen too.

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