Jon Hamm, Mad Men

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Last week's Mad Men was all about Betty's (January Jones) um, changing appearance, but this week Don (Jon Hamm) is the one ailing.

Mad Men treads into very dark territory when his past flings threatened to derail his new marriage. But who's marriage crumbled this week? Find out now: 


Marriage on the Rocks: We all know very well that Don Draper has had his share of female companions in Manhattan, but there nothing as awkward as an elevator ride with your wife and a flirting ex-fling. And things only get worse for Don as he battles a terrible cold. Deliriously bedding a beauty and then killing her, Don's fever was fortunately responsible for his crazy imagination. This would be a whole different show with Don behind bars. But do his crazy dreams reveal some fractures in his new marriage?

Perfect Peggy: This season Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) seems like she is floundering a bit. But this episode she had the chance to shine, while swindling Roger (John Slattery) out of 400 bucks. That's our girl! Another victim of nurse-murder nervousness has her bringing home Don's new secretary. We love it when Peggy has a chance to really speak her mind. While she has a writer boyfriend and a lesbian best friend, it seems like she has no one to confide in. Of course she takes the opportunity to tell her captive audience that she might not have it in her to act like a man after all.

Hello Goodbye: Everyone's favorite failed surgeon and rapist is back. We expected Joan (Christina Hendricks) to throw Greg (Sam Page) a parade when he gave her the good news that he's going back to Saigon but she's broken up about it. That is until she remembers she is awesome and doesn't need that jerk. Nice knowing you Greg! 

Murder History: Did we mention this episode was dark? Don murdering girls in his sleep creepily echoes this week's history tie-in: the nurse murders. Sally (Kiernan Shipka) is bored at home with step-grandma Pauline (Pamela Dunlap) and the two oddly bond over the gruesome story. Mass murders really do bridge the gap.


"I'm glad the Army makes you feel like a man because I'm sick of trying." —Joan

"She doesn't believe me that I'm allowed to watch as much TV as I want because it's the summer." —Sally

"Stop complaining. I don't want you to get rickets in that haunted mansion." —Don

"Dazzle me." —Peggy

"If I take out the trash will you tell me about the murder?" —Sally

Did you believe Don was capable of murder? Are you happy that Joan finally dumped her terrible hubby? Do you want to know more about the haunted house Betty lives in? Hit the comments!

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