Nicole Kidman, Grace Kelly

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Dear Ted:
Did I hear right? Nicole Kidman playing a young Grace Kelly? What's next, Tom Hanks playing Steve Jobs when he first founded Apple? Is everyone in Hollywood that out of touch with reality? Oh, wait, Eddie Murphy's been making the same movie for 25 years, so never mind.
Bella M.

Dear Fountain of Youth:
We all know there's no shortage of twentysomethings playing high school students…so why can't Nic Kidman do essentially the same? Still, I guess I'm with you B, on this one. Kidman at 44 is most def way too old to portray a young Kelly. Blake Lively or even Ashley Greene would have been better suited to Grace in her early Monaco years. Now, if the film were about the princess later in her life, Nic would be would be devastatingly on target.

Dear Ted:
Hi Ted, I haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey yet but am assuming it's the same, pretty much as the original Master of the Universe fanfic PDF I have from 2010. Have you read both? Can you give comparisons? Lastly—if so, for the dream casting since Christian/Ana are fairly young (well Edward and Bella are in MOTU), how about Alex Pettyfer for Christian? He's got that jawline. And I'd like to see Lucy Hale go to the dark side so she would be good for Ana. Or even Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars could pull it off. Someone fresh! Thoughts?

Dear Sex Master:
I've read Shades of Grey and it's certainly scandaliscious. As far as the whole age thing goes, have you been reading my mind? Not quite as extreme as Kidman playing the young Princess of Monaco, but still…I think this an opportunity for some young, fresh faces to make their mark. Love the Pretty Little Liars suggestions. You go Diva! And Pettyfer certainly has me captivated—along with  Alexander Skarsgård. Love.

Dear Ted:
Kim Kardashian
is now dating Kanye West? Puh-Lease! Could this be anything other than yet another publicity stunt by the Kardashian clan to stay relevant? Their 15 minutes of fame is up. After the way that her marriage just ended, I feel like Kim is doing everything possible to stay famous. What do you think about this new romance?

Dear Rolls My Eyes:
The "couple" is totally playing coy, but Kanye's new song, Theraflu, is certainly suggestive of a potential relaysh. If I've learned anything while working in this biz it's that anything is possible. Though I have to admit I'm not particularly fond of this pairing. Hasn't Kim learned from her bad boy ways? Don't expect a fairytale ending!

 Dear Ted:
I have a suggestion for Fifty Shades of Grey's Christian. How about Tom Hardy I would be willing to pay more than the price of admission to see that happen!

Dear Grey-t Casting?:
I love a sexy man with an accent, but Mr. Hardy is looking a bit weathered (but no less hunk-tastic). These letters are making me sound like an ageist, but the truth isn't always pretty. Let's go with Skars or Alex.

Dear Ted:
They were determined to make it work? Minka Kelly was determined to make it work because she wanted that Derek Jeter cash. Hell, yeah she was determined and he is a big stupid jock with too much money and no brain.

Dear Gold Digger:
I'm still not convinced of this other side to sweet Minka. And come on! Derek isn't exactly what we would call Mr. Perfect. You could say the same for Jeter that he goes after girls with good looks. What's the difference? What we have here is the case of a double standard. Admit it!

Dear Ted:
I read that Tim Tebow is currently in California. He was getting a Mani-Pedi on Tuesday in Hollywood. I have to ask, Is he really in LA just for training at UCLA or is he there seeing both Taylor Swift and/or Dianna Agron? Thanks so much!

Dear California Girls:
Let's not make an ass out of u and me, and say that Tebow was just here to bask in the California sun, keep up on his personal hygiene and get a little physical. And perhaps there was a weekend tryst involved… Here's to hoping. But, actually, a better wish would be for Taylor and Tim to actually get hitched, right?

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