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Even more than Céline Dion's heart going on and on, the box-office hit Titanic has more than stood the test of time—earning only a billion dollars and getting a much hyped 3-D rerelease 15 years later (has your fave flick done that?!).

And though the screen-popping adaptation hit theaters Wednesday, we're sure plenty of you waited until the weekend to sit down and rewatch the three-hour epic (possibly for the first time in over a decade). Team Truth loves a bit of nostalgia, so we ask:

What do you remember most from your first voyage on the unsinkable ship?

There's so much to choose from:

Kate Winslet's Glorious Boobs! "I want you to draw me like one of your French girls," Winslet's Rose coos to a smitten Jack Dawson in her onboard boudoir, before disrobing and popping on her glitzy Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace to add a touch of bling to her nudey drawing. And the curvier (her words!) star's bod did not disappoint.

Leo-Mania! Before he was hopping in and out of dreams in Inception or doing his best Academy courting in J.Edgar, Leonardo DiCaprio was a blond-haired hottie who had girls in an absolute tizzy. And even if Leo was practically the only one overlooked by the 1998 Oscars, he must have set a record for Tiger Beat covers.

The Souls Lost at Sea! Whether you're totally morbid and loved watching that dude jump off the boat and bounce of the propeller or are the squeamish type and watched through your fingers as thousands of voyagers froze to death, the heaps of corpses left their mark. Especially one in particular: Floating baby anyone? Truly horrible.

See Ship Sail. See Ship Sink. It might not seem too impressive now—James Cameron did use special effects magic to create an entire alien planet, after all—but even watching the RMS Titanic cruise along was no easy feat in the late '90s. Not to mention sinking the ship. Remember the tail end popping up then plummeting down again? Of course you do.

The Steamiest Handprint in Cinema! Sure, it may not be the most action ever depicted in a flick (actually, there really wasn't much of anything show onscreen), but we're sure you recall Kate's hand gliding down the fogged-up rear of the car as she and Leo got it on. When there's that much sexual tension, you don't need to see it to be satisfied, right?

Billy Zane Good ole Billy! Maybe you remember his hoity-toity turn as Rose's controlling fiancé. Maybe it's his not-so-flattering makeup or not-quite-sexy wig that sticks in your brain all these years later. Either way, Zane became an ironic (we think) fan fave in Titanic—and we're sure those folks are thrilled to see him in 3-D!

So which Titanic highlight still sticks out from your first viewing? Get to clicking and let us know!

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