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Some Kind of Wonderful, indeed!

Following last week's stellar top-nine show, American Idol's top eight came back just as strong during last night's '80s-themed show. Seriously, these kids are just plain torturing America at this point by making it hard to choose which singer to vote for every week. You could say they have All the Right Moves. (Tom Cruise basketball movie, anyone?)

While all eight contestants delivered pretty good performances, one person has to go tonight. So who do we think is in danger of getting booted? Well, About Last Night (see what we're doing here?)....

Our Top Five Performances

5. Colton Dixon

To borrow a critique from Steven Tyler, Colton is definitely ready. Of this season's crop of talented contestants, Colton is the most radio-friendly. Seriously, close your eyes during all of his performances and you might as well be listening to the radio. His cover of "Time After Time" could easily be a hit for the rocker, who lightened his signature locks! Way to keep it interesting, Colton!

4. Skylar Laine

Don't call it a comeback...OK, actually, you can. After landing in the bottom three last week, Skylar rebounded with a vengeance tonight, positively slaying "Wind Beneath My Wings" and in the process showing off a whole new side to her. This week was crucial for Skylar's Idol journey, and she delivered. Big time. 

3. Jessica Sanchez

Week to week, Jessica has been this season's most consistent performer, delivering near-perfect vocals every time she hits the stage. B.B. Chez's rendition of "How Will I Know" proved to be no exception and actually showed Jessica's versatility. Finally, she proved she is more than just a balladeer! We predict a smooth sailing to the final four for Jessica, barring a completely disastrous performance or a moment of insanity from voters. 

2. Joshua Ledet

Definition. Of. Powerhouse. Performance. Heck, we were standing within the first 20 seconds of Joshua's rendition of "If You Don't Know Me By Now." Showing restraint and maturity, Joshua is quickly becoming the male front-runner in the competition. P.S. Loving the dapper duds, Joshua! 

1. Joshua and Jessica's duet of "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me"

O. M. G. Perfection. That is all.  

Who's in Trouble

3. Phillip Phillips

OK, put down the pitchforks, ladies! We don't think Phillip will find himself sitting on one of the bottom-three stools tonight, but we do think he needs to switch it up soon because all of his performances are starting to blend together for us. "That's All" was fine, but just seemed like more of the same. We'd like to see the extremely talented Phillip bust out something completely different next week. 

2. Elise Testone

While Elise is one of our favorites in the competition, we have to admit we're worried for her going into tonight's elimination. After two stellar performances in a row, Elise's rendition of "I Want to Know What Love Is" was a bit of a letdown, and we all know how fickle Idol voters can be. Luckily, Elise's duet with Phillip later in the show was much better.

1. Hollie Cavanagh

Ruh-roh, we fear the adorable Hollie is at risk of elimination after her awkward rendition of "What a Feeling." After landing in the bottom two last week, Hollie needed a true Idol moment last night and did not deliver. The poor girl just never seems truly comfortable on stage and is never fully able to let go. The question is, will viewers give her another week to get her bearings? We're not sure. 

Bottom-Three Prediction: Deandre Brackensick, Elise and Hollie

Exit Prediction: Sorry Hollie, but there's only room for one pint-size diva in this competition and Jessica is playing to win. However, the judges just might pull out their save card for Ms. Cavanagh, so tonight's show should be an interesting one.

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