Rihanna, Katy Perry

Jeff Kravitz/Film Magic

Dear Ted:
I think Rihanna and Katy "I Kissed a Girl" Perry should bring their friendship to a new romantic level! Heck, I'm a straight gal and still think that'd be hot—can't even imagine how the male population would go on with their daily lives if that pairing was revealed...

Dear Lesbihonest:
What a bold suggestion, K, but we certainly wouldn't mind a little lady lovin' between these two. And while we can dream of the diva pairing, you'd be far better off getting your hopes up for a duet, not a relaysh (sorry, it's not going to happen). Besides, these BFFs haven't had the best of luck in the romance department. Here's hoping for a double date with two hunky dudes in the near future—isn't that hot enough? 

Dear Ted:
What's up with you, Ted? Didn't you feel the earthquake, caused by a certain Robert Pattinson when pics of him appeared, paddling on his board like god of the sea Poseidon himself? Or are you still recovering, which is fully understandable. I expected an excited report of you with a lot of breathtaking pics and all we got was one pic and an article on the news board. You aren't cheating on him with some Hunger Games pals, are you? These pics just confirmed who deserves the title of Mr. Sex on Legs, His Holy Hotness, the Pretty, the King of the Forehead-Kissers. Hugs!

Dear Worth 1,000 Words:
Sorry if you were disappointed in the lack of coverage, but puh-lease. We like to think that the shirtless picture could totally speak for itself. Oh and also, it's not like it's the best shot we've ever seen. Rob looks far sexier in the new Bel Ami trailer, doncha think?

Dear Ted:
I'm just curious, is Josh Hutcherson considered an A-lister now that The Hunger Games was a huge success? Thanks!

Dear Hutch Without a Hitch:
With not only all the success of the first movie, but also an entire franchise to come, we're pretty confident that J.Hutch's career can only go up from here. And if that means seeing more of him in the future, we're definitely not complaining. You know how we feel...Go Team Peetniss!

Dear Ted:
John Mayer has been lying low for a couple years, in fact, since his rumored romance with Taylor Swift. I don't recall seeing him dating anyone in that time, and as for Swift, she's had a questionable fling with Jake Gyllenhaal and her usual rumors. Is there any possibility these two are still actually on, and have been fooling us all this time? Or at least will soon be back together? Or is Mayer with someone secret besides her? From Swifty's song "Ours," which is widely believed to be about him, and her recent quotes about the song, she still appears very much in love with the person the song was about. She seems to have very poor perception when it comes to the guys she falls in love with.
—Fading Fan

 Dear Break the Silence:
A granuloma on his throat may have silenced his singing voice for now, but we think it's probably some controversial comments that have kept Mr. Mayer's mouth shut recently. As for a secret relationship with Taylor? We don't buy it. Taylor needs to date other people so she can keep writing music! And you already know all the people we have had in mind for her… 

Dear Ted:
Please answer this question. Where's Tom Cruise? All the photos are of Katie Holmes and Suri, but no Tom. Are they finally finito?

Dear Father Knows Best:
Tom has been superbusy working! You know those pictures you just saw of Katie and Suri down in N'Awlins? They were visiting Tom on set (on his new movie, Oblivion). Sorry, M, they're still going strong.

Dear Ted:
So, how about some outside-the-box thinking for a few Hunger Games roles? Jared Padalecki as Finnick. Cloris Leachman as Mags. Rachel Bilson as Annie. Hugs and kisses to your pups from my kitties!
—Way Out There 

Dear Cast Our Vote:
Hmmm, we could get on board with Jared playing Finnick. And you already know we think that Cloris is the next Betty White—we'll be very angry if we don't see at least one of them playing Mags! Then there's Annie, who is a supercomplex character and we just haven't seen Rachel do anything that sophisticated. But with all the Finnick suggestions, we're already jealous of whoever gets to play opposite him! 

Dear Ted:
Are the rumors true about Ashley Olsen hooking up with Jared Leto? Does she have a thing for guys who are the same age as her dad?

Dear "Old" News:
Fifteen years is hardly anything worth fretting over in T-town. And besides, the pair has been linked in the past—and if history repeats itself, this fling will be short-lived. 

Dear Ted:
I'm really hoping that Harriet Talons is not Candice Accola. She's certainly on a show where all bets are off when it comes to job security. I can't imagine Candice being any trouble to work with, though.

Dear Clawing Away:
Rest assured, M, Candice is safe from Harriet Talons' fate. Next guess, please! 

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