Boy George


"Do you really want to hurt me?" Boy George once sang.

Indeed, someone did.

The singer, whose real name is George O'Dowd, was allegedly assaulted outside a club in northeast England on Saturday, leaving the one-time Culture Club frontman with a nasty black eye.

And the singer's got cold, hard proof: his own twitpics of the injury!

Per the Daily Mail, the singer was leaving the Amadeus nightclub in North Yorkshire Saturday night when the injury occurred.

The paper reports that according to the star's spokesman, "George was leaving the club when…a drunken and aggressive woman lunged for his hat and in doing so hit him in the eye.'

The woman was then asked to leave the club, but the singer reportedly refused to press charges.

He did, however, chronicle the whole fracas on Twitter.

"Looking pretty after getting assaulted on Saturday night," he wrote, attaching a twitpic of his bruised eye. (The tweet has since been deleted.)

He also added, "Someone pulled off my hat and in the struggle to get it back I got poked in the eye!"

The injury, though, didn't stop the star from carrying on with style: He got some help from someone in his entourage, who outfitted him in a chic pair of glasses with the Union Jack covering one of the lenses.

"The genius of Christine! One eye Joe! I have a gig so had to be clever! Quite Left Eye innit!," he tweeted.

Glad to hear, George. Now, please keep an eye out for peeps looking to poke your eye out!

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