Sofia Vergara

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend and her onscreen son, Rico Rodriguez, has just one teensy-weensy concern:

"I don't think she knows how to read a teleprompter!" he tells us. "But that's OK because she's Sofia. She doesn't even have to say anything to keep people entertained."

True dat. After all, just look at her! A "marvel of modern architecture" as Julie Bowen puts it. Plus, she's one of the most respected female TV comedians around, so she's gotta nail it...right?

Take a look at these new promos to see how Sofia fares at ad-libbing in the SNL arena...

Pretty cute, right?

You gotta love a celeb who doesn't take herself too seriously, and Sofia clearly has no qualms about making fun of her thick accent, or the fact that pretty much everyone on the planet can't help but think of sex when she's around...

What were we saying? Oh right. Sofia. SNL. Hosting. Ahem.

How do you think she'll do? Better than Lindsay Lohan? Betty White? Hit the comments!

And check out exclusive video of Sofia and her Modern costars talking about SNL and Modern Family scoop below...

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