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Apparently anyone with a copy of Photoshop and enough free time can be an editor!

At least that's what one computer savvy someone thought after doctoring up an Elle U.K. cover featuring Kristen Stewart and circulating it around the Internet, leaving many a K.Stew fan wondering whether it actually was the much anticipated (and previously announced) June issue's cover.

Well, we have an answer from across the pond to settle this whole ordeal:

If you haven't figured it out by now, it is not the official cover. At least, not for Elle U.K.

"It's fake," an Elle U.K. rep tells us. "Our cover has not yet been finalized. That cover is not fom the UK issue of Elle."

We've since removed the cover due to a request from Elle US, so perhaps the seemingly doctored version is hitting newstands on our side of the pond...

How exciting! And with the current mystery at hand, when can we expect to see the real deal? 

"The cover will be revealed to the world on April 28 for subscriptions and May 2 for newsstand," added our Elle U.K. expert.

And though the handiwork was pretty convincing, there were clues that the cover wasn't quite up to snuff. Like the fact that another version floated around the Internet with Kristen's name spelled Kristin. And no time of the year is specified under the giant E, a staple for Elle U.K. covers.

Plus, we didn't see that slinky black number hanging on the designer rack previewed for the shoot (which, speaking of, seems to hint that Kris will be decked in some serious pastels on the fashion mag's pages).

But we're hardly surprised the fake cover generated so much buzz. When Elle U.K. originally announced who their summer cover girl would be in March, #KristenElle became one of the top Twitter trending topics.

And not a single glimpse of Kristen Stewart all dolled up for the shoot has leaked since then—which is pretty rare these days (remember how paparazzi caught a very Victorian K.Stew posing for her Vanity Fair issue?)

It's enough to drive a Krisbian mad! Or just to taking matters into their own creative hands, apparently.

Hey, at least it wasn't as bad as the last time a Twilight star ended up on a Photoshopped magazine cover (right, Taylor Lautner?).

Now be patient, Kristen lovers, the real deal will be coming soon enough.

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