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You didn't think Celebrity Apprentice would be rid of Aubrey O'Day that easily, did you?

Even though she stormed off the show in Sunday's three-hour extravaganza, Donald Trump confirmed today that the sassy singer will be back to torment Arsenio Hall—and others—and the upcoming episodes will be "unbelievably brutal."

And although fired contestants Debbie Gibson and Dee Snider won't be there for the fireworks, they didn't hesitate to harsh on their fellow musician in a conference call with reporters today…

"Do you hear the things she says about other people?" sneered Snider about O'Day. "She's horrible. She's evil."

Gibson, who calls O'Day "ignorant," cites fear as the main reason O'Day wasn't brought back to the boardroom. "I think people on the women's team are a little afraid of Aubrey."

Not Snider. "I'm not afraid of Aubrey," he retorted. "I would just throw holy water on her."

Oh, burn! Guess these two aren't swapping eyeliner, huh?

The former Twisted Sister frontman ain't gonna take it anymore from Lou Ferrigno either.

"The team was carrying Lou since task one," the hair bander said about his former teammate, whom he calls a "one-note horn" and blames for his own firing. "All he ever wants to do is be the Hulk [and] flex his muscles…But in these tasks, there are so many other jobs that require talent and other abilities. Everybody just carried Lou because they felt bad for him.

"He's poison," Snider added, presumably referring to the toxin and Twisted Sister's glam-metal rival.

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It's O'Day who's managed to offend virtually all of the other aspiring "apprentices"—especially Arsenio Hall.

"Arsenio is calm, cool and collected," the Donald observed, "and it took all of 24 hours for Aubrey O'Day to drive him out of his mind."

And it's only going to get worse. "Stay tuned, because what you saw the other night is nothing compared to what happens between [Arsenio and Aubrey] and a couple of others," Trump warned.

"You haven't seen anything yet," he added. "I can tell you Lisa Lampanelli is one of the most emotional people I've ever seen. I don't see that negatively, but things happen to Lisa Lampanelli that are unbelievable.

"It is the toughest we've ever had on The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice. What happens in the next couple of weeks you won't even believe. It's amazing television. What you saw the other night is tame in comparison to what takes place.

"It gets much tougher in the coming weeks—unbelievably brutal."

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What say you? Does Aubrey deserve all the hate, or are you a fan of the feisty femme? Sound off in the comments!

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