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It might be an election year, but here at The Awful Truth, we don't think you should only be able to get your vote on every four years—which is why we often ask you to sound off on the issues Prez Barack Obama might not be covering.

Ya know, matters ranging from freedom of speech (as is the case with the oh-so-quotable Megan Fox) to the civil right to wear rockin' engagement bling while still denying wedding rumors (right, Miley Cyrus?!).

The people have spoken and now we have the results—and, must say, you all reached a verdict much more easily than the jury in that juicy Nicollette Sheridan case!

Sorry, Unattractive Gals, Megan Fox Does Not Offend! In what may have been our closest poll ever, we asked you whether former Transformers hottie Fox was out of line when she fessed up to a French magazine that she wouldn't trade places with "an unattractive girl"—and 35 percent of you said, 'Hell yes! Speak your mind, Megan!'

Though, all the hoopla may have been for nothing, as Megan herself took to Facebook to say something had been lost in translation and that her comments were "grossly distorted and misrepresented." Which should please the 34 percent of you that told her to keep her big mouth closed.

Whatever, we picked the third option.

Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus

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Miley Has Us Wrapped Around Her Little Ring Finger! Beyoncé lesson No. 1: Fellas, if you like it, you should put a ring on it. But this message seems to have been lost on some young gals—like Miley Cyrus and Bobbi Kristina Brown—who are flashing stones on their ring fingers, but denying any engagements.

So if someone didn't put a ring on it, what's the bling-spiration behind this tricky new craze? According to 45 percent of you voters, it's not wedding bells we hear…but cries for attention! And if all these gals want is to get the tabloids talkin', then mission accomplished!

And while only 3 percent of you thought the diamonds might actually be legit, a whopping 32 percent of you couldn't care either way. As reader jasmolak said, "It's just a finger!"

This Jury So Isn't Hung: Give Nicollette Her Moola! Unlike the actual jury in the Desperate Housewives case, you actually reached a decision. As things were boiling to a close in the Nicollette Sheridan trial, we asked you to play the jury and decide whether the Wisteria Lane castoff was actually unfairly fired.

There was no mistrial here: 50 percent of you thought that Nicollette had been unfairly fired, while the remaining voters were split between thinking the canning was justified and just wanting the case to be over already.

Hmmm, maybe if Nicollette had worn some unexplained engagement bling to the courthouse or trashed a juror for being totally fug, you all might not have minded the case continuing a bit longer?

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