Lily Collins, Snow White

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Dear Ted:
Mirror Mirror is finally coming out this weekend, but I've been seeing Lily Collins everywhere and I am completely smitten. I gotta know though: With a famous dad and a fling with Taylor Lautner, did any Vicey-ness rub off?

Dear Pure as Snow:
She is pretty dang adorable, huh? And while I'm far more interested in Snow White and the Huntsman (and it's Blind Vice Superstar, ya know…Kristen Stewart), I can't help but love Lily too. Here's hoping her next flick piques my interest a bit more (Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone?!). As for your question, some Vice ways rubbed off on her—but not in the way you would think.

Dear Ted:
The Ultimate Fan Battle has got me wondering if the Buffy set ever had anything gossip-worthy going on back in the day? Did the cast get along? Any on-set hookups or fights? Is Sarah Michelle Gellar the only Vicer from the cast?

Dear Sound the Battle Horn:
Because the wild card nomination round of the Ultimate Fan Battle is coming to a close tomorrow. And, Scooby, while it looks like your precious Buffster is still kicking butt when it comes to the fandom fights, other not-so-lucky fans need to lock in some last-minute tweets. As for Buffy, the juiciest stuff happened off-set—professional by day, Vicey by night.

Dear Ted:
So we know who you would love see as Finnick Odair in Catching Fire and I definitely agree, but who would you like to see cast as his one true love, Annie Cresta? I'm loving the idea of Sophia Bush in that role.

Dear We Found Love in The Hunger Games:
Love Sophia, so I'm definitely into that suggestion. She's gorgeous and can definitely play vulnerable (has a gajillion seasons of One Tree Hill not show us that?). I know Zooey Deschanel is a popular pick among fans. Hmmm, maybe I'd suggest Felicity Jones? She has those big, gorgeous eyes and she was great in Like Crazy.

Dear Ted:
I know this is terrible, but I am just gonna say it: I read Fifty Shades of Grey, and it is not very well written other than the raunchy sex. I am not sure how that will translate to a franchise. Seriously, I wanted to take a riding crop to her every time I had to read the words Inner Goddess. Speaking of franchises, I am in love with The Hunger Games. Is there any chance of Ian Somerhalder being cast as Finnick? I think he does naughty and nice better than most and he's got the good looks too.

Dear Blood Is Thicker:
Anything's possible, I guess, but this isn't my fave casting choice. Sorry, Leah, love Ian but just can't quite see him as Finnick—plus, he's got the bloodsucker thing going on with Vampire Diaries and, while it's not Twilight, it's probably too similar for the casting department's liking.

Dear Ted:
I've been trying to crack The Avengers B.V., and I think I have it: is Chris Hemsworth Billy Bend-Over?

Dear Thor-ted:
Great guess, Lyn, but Chris isn't our casting couch hunk. Think less…blond.

Dear Ted:
So pics from the set of Les Misérables have started to emerge and I'm loving dirty Mr. Hugh Jackman, but the reality of Taylor Swift is starting to set in and I can't take it. I know Lea Michelle has a lot on her plate, but this is just beyond bad. Is this just another case of Hollywood going for blond over talent? I'm not saying that Taylor isn't talented. I'm just saying she is nowhere near talented enough to take a roll from Lea fair and square.

Dear Where Have You Been:
Neither of these babes are going to be in Les Mis, Sandy. While Tay was in the running longer than Lea, the role ultimately went to Samantha Barks. And while I would have preferred Lea too (she should play every Broadway-to-big-screen role, really), I'm sure Taylor would have been fine. At least she'd get to sing in this flick.

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