Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel

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Dear Ted:
I live in Atlanta and spotted Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake one table away from me at dinner last night. She was all over him, but he didn't really seem to be feeling it. That got me thinking: Do you think they'll definitely head down the aisle this summer like all the tabloids are reporting? Thanks—love your column by the way!

Dear Tabloid Turnaround:
Congrats on your celeb sighting, B, you couldn't have asked for two sexier stars to spot out in the wild. As for the wedding, I'm sure it will happen sooner rather than later…at least, if Jess has her way. And with all the deets about the ceremony that have been spreading, it's going to be one hell of a shindig—especially if the nuptials are anything like that enormous rock she's been happily flaunting.

Dear Ted:
How do we take a stand or lash out at these morons calling Jennifer Lawrence's functioning body "fat"? And Rue being black?! Um, last time I checked, North America had quite a few races. I guess we can just buy more tickets?
—Betty Jones

Dear You Did It:
By not buying into the haters' crap, for one…and buying some more tix to support the flick helps too. Not that they need it, the movie is already setting records and anyone who finds fault with J.Law or sweet little Amandla Stenberg is clearly delusional.

Dear Ted:
My rescue kitten, Choupette, and I would like to know what's up with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Nothing has been written about them for a while, so…Many zou bisous bisous to you from both of us in Montreal.

Dear Smooches Right Back:
Exactly. And knowing these two, the fact that we haven't been seeing 'em means that (shocker!) things are getting serious. Which I fully back—they both so friggin' hot and actually make quite the good pair, even if we've been kicked out of the PDA-fest of late.

Dear Ted:
What do you think about the Jason Segel-Michelle Williams pairing? I really like them both, but for some reasoning she seems too mature for him. I know that they have some mutual friends, but are they really romantically involved? Who knows, maybe it takes someone with a child to accept Jason's deep love for puppets.

Dear Said It Before:
But I'll say it again—adore these two. Wegel foreva! As for whether they're a good match, I say they're parfait. Sure, Jason may be goofy, but he's working with more than that too—and anyway, who couldn't use a few more laughs in their lives?

Dear Ted:
With all your casting talk about Finnick, you have not mention his female counterpart Mags! I'm thinking Shirley MacLaine. She has the dramatic skills and comedic timing to make Mags's the scene stealer she should be. P.S.: My rescue beagle-terrier, Skippy, says she wants Danica McKellar for Johanna.

Dear Oldie but a Goodie:
So I take it you're not into Betty White then, Sonr? Well, in the case let the battle of the more mature babes begin! I dig Ms. MacLaine, but I don't think we've quite found the perfect Mags yet. And tell Skippy to pop in some Veronica Mars, 'cause we're all about Kristen Bell for Johanna!

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