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A role that calls for a sexy star who's willing to drop trou—we're talking, at minimum, partial nudity here, people—and get it on over and over and over again? Now that's a casting process we can get behind.

And apparently you all are anxious to get in on the action too, because you've been flooding our inbox with casting suggestions for Fifty Shades of Grey's horny heroes Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will probably chicken out when it comes to reprising the Bella Swan and Edward Cullen-inspired roles, here are your other top suggestions to get in on the potentially NC-17 mommy porno:

But first, let's not leave R.Pattz out, OK? Especially since he seems to be a fave to take on Christian, the mysterious S&M suitor at the heart—or should we say loins?—of the story. And Rob seems very in-the-know when it comes to all things Fifty Shades (he was the one who told K.Stew about it!), so maybe he will want to continue all that sexin' from Bel Ami and Cosmopolis in this flick, too.

Robert Pattinson

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Or perhaps Ryan Gosling? I don't think anyone would argue that Ryan isn't sexy enough for the movie (we certainly aren't), but reader garbonoelle explained: "It needs to be an actor so charismatic that you like him even when he's controlling and displaying less than savory tendencies." So like Drive meets The Notebook…just with even more sex than both of 'em combined.

Last but certainly not least is Alexander Skarsgard. True Blood's naughty vamp Eric has mastered the art of slightly sadistic sex and has no problem getting nude on set—which should basically be required when it comes to Fifty Shades. We can't think of anyone who could pull off the dominance thing better, can you? Just wonder if the Twilight connection will turn him off.

And for Ana, the formerly innocent college student who totally gets her nympho on?

What about Mila Kunis (in a pairing with Rob Pattinson, no less)? The Friends With Benefits babe is a bit older than Ana, sure, but we're sure some smoke and mirrors help shed a few years. Plus, she is widely thought to be one of H'wood's sexiest women—so we have a feeling most people would be willin' to agree that age is just a number!

Rooney Mara

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Or Rooney Mara. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo badass was a popular pick amongst readers, which might be because her breakout flick featured a very risqué sex scene with Daniel Craig that would leave even Christian and Ana breathing heavy. We know Rooney loves darker material, too, so this might be a good fit, no?

And finally, Lily Collins—our fave reader suggested casting choice. How perfectly against type it would be to see Mirror Mirror's resident goodie two shoes cast in a role that requires her to do bad, bad things behind bedroom doors. But dare we even dream this could come true? Ha! Like Camp Collins would be down for this. We think not.

There you have it, the most popular picks we've heard so far. But there are plenty more hotties in T-town to talk about, so tell us which suggestions you love and who you think would be an even better fit for the fornicatin' franchise!

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