Lindsay Lohan has done the time. Oh, how she's done the time. But, should all go as planned, that time has finally come to an end.

LiLo and her indefatigable lawyer Shawn Holley are due back in Los Angeles Superior Court this morning for what is expected to be the final progress hearing in her seemingly never-ending (well, until today) probation.

If the 25-year-old does indeed show that she's completed the terms of her DUI probation, Lindsay will be a (nearly) free woman for the first time in four years, with no more court dates to appear for, probation officers to report to, and she will once again be able to come and go from the state as she pleases. Of course, she won't quite have a clean slate just yet: She's expected to remain on informal probation to remind her of her sticky-fingered necklace heist.

E! Online will be livestreaming the proceedings live from the courthouse, so give Lindsay the legal send-off she's earned and tune in starting at 10 a.m. PT!

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