Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling

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Dear Ted:
The critics reaction to Jennifer Lawrence has me thinking that maybe Jennifer and Ryan Gosling would be the ideal couple. His crazy fans don't think any woman is good enough but Oscar-bound Jennifer and Ryan might be acceptable. What do you think of that coupling?

Dear Mix Not Match:
Not good enough for Ryan? More like not good enough for Jen! Don't get us wrong, we love them both, we just don't love them together. Not to mention, they are both in happy, long-term relayshes that we are totally rooting for—especially Jen and her British BF Nicholas Hoult—those PDA pics are just too friggin' cute. Perhaps the big screen is your best bet for this twosome, H?

Dear Ted:
I can't stop feeling like this whole Cory Monteith-Lea Michele "relationship" is nothing more than a PR stunt. I feel like all they want is to get buzz going so people start tuning back into Glee. I feel it has to be that even more now since Cory's stylist posted on her FB that she styled him for his airport arrival with Lea at LAX. I didn't know people got styled for nonevents, such as an airplane ride. What is your take on all of this?

Dear Kiss and Makeup:
Like we've said before, Cory and Lea's relaysh seems a little too convenient. We've warned to stay cautious when it comes to this couple. Methinks the gorgeous Gleeks are just having fun—don't get your hopes up the duo will last.

Dear Ted:
After seeing the success of The Hunger Games—which, by the way, is the third biggest opening weekend behind The Dark Knight—will Hollywood finally take note that action heroines too can carry movies on their own like action heroes can? I was really surprised by how the whole movie was carried by a strong female lead. What to you think of female-centric films finally making their way into Hollywood?

Dear Leading Lady:
. And we can't wait to see even more powerful, strong girls to come! We just hope that, in the future, a heroine's biggest conflict won't be choosing a man. It's about time tough chicks became an H'wood trend—we're totally rooting for ladies like Rooney Mara and Jennifer Lawrence.

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Dear Ted:
I read the Fifty Shades trilogy a couple of weeks ago and am rereading them again. I loved the story and, of course, the mature side of the relationship. I can't help seeing a little of Eric Northman in Christian though. His possessive "mine" claim and wanting Ana to look at him during intimate moments. What are your thoughts? Would Alexander Skarsgard consider doing a NC-17 role? Being from Sweden, he seems more open to doing nudity? I think he would be perfect!

Dear Blood Brothers:
We don't think it's the nudity and risqué content that would make A.Skars shy away from this role, but rather the Twilight tie-in. Even though Fifty Shades of Grey wouldn't technically be a vampire flick, he probably wants to avoid the bloodsucker typecast. But I do like your thinking, T. It's a sizzling hot suggestion.

Dear Ted:
I have a prediction to make! Ian Somerhalder and Sophia Bush! They are sure to be a hot celeb couple that will appear on the radar at some point in the near future. They are both so passionate about the causes they support with animals and the environment. They too have more recently been linked as "friends." It's only a matter of time! How hot would they be?!

Dear Not Even Puppy Love:
We were totally excited to see Sophia supporting Ian at the Genesis Awards, where he was honored for his commitments to helping animals. But in this case, Sophia is just man's other best friend. They may look totally cute together, but it's strictly platonic.  

Dear Ted:
I saw The Hunger Games and although I wasn't that impressed with the film, I was absolutely taken by Jennifer Lawrence. I think she's such a beautiful and ridiculously talented girl who carried the whole movie on her shoulders. What did you think of her performance? And is she as innocent as she looks, or does she have a Blind Vice?

Dear J.Law Enforcement:
We loved the whole movie, but we especially loved Jen! We could not have been more impressed with J.Law's performance as the totally powerful and perfectly cast Katniss. As for a Vice, Jennifer is in the clear! Could she be any more perfect?!

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