George Clooney, Stacy Keibler


Remember kids: crime doesn't pay. But being George Clooney does. Really, really well.

Which is no doubt why the Oscar-winning ladies man went straight from his cold hard jail cell to the warm and inviting climes of Mexico with his latest lovely, Stacy Keibler, at his ever-supported side.

Viva la vacation, indeed!

Just over a week after his high-profile arrest outside Washington D.C.'s Sudanese Embassy, Clooney was snapped living the high life in one of his favorite vacation spots, Cabo San Lucas, not just with his bikini'd babe, but, as per usual, with a whole gaggle of his bros.

It certainly seems like it's fast becoming one of the duo's favorite idylls, as the couple has also relaxed in the resort town for Stacy's 32nd birthday last fall and to ring in the New Year.

The couple has been living it up beachside since last week, at least, as Keibler tweeted out an envy-inducing photo of her gorgeous view last Wednesday, writing, "Soaking up the sun in Cabo!"

As if we weren't jealous enough of her as it is.

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