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Though Kim Kardashian may have felt like the only girl in the world for a few dusty seconds last night, she was really only the latest celebrity to get unofficially punk'd on a red carpet.

And, as is always the case when a Kardashian runs into trouble, there's another member of the family just steps (or tweets) away to have her back.

Being used to attention of all stripes (especially this week), Kim handled getting flour bombed at the London hotel in West Hollywood with aplomb—and who applauded her courage under flour today?

Aside from her die-hard fans? Why, mama Kris Jenner, of course!

"I am so proud of my daughter for handling this situation so professionally and with such poise!" Jenner wrote on her Celebuzz blog today.  "Kim wasn't phased by the attack and simply walked away from the red carpet, brushed herself off and headed right back out!!"

That she did. But, as Kim's sisters pointed out, we would have liked to see the as-yet-unnamed (by authorities) flour thrower try that stunt with Khloé and Kourtney around.

"Classy to flour bomb my sister at her charity event helping women," Kourtney Kardashian tweeted of the bruised-but-not-broken fragrance launch benefiting Dress for Success. "I wonder if they would have dared thrown the flour at my hormonal and pregnant self!"
And Khloé Kardashian Odom tweeted, "You said it! :)" to a fan who wrote last night, "@KhloeKardashian is the young'st sister but the most kick ass one, dont mess [with] her family!!!"
Kim, meanwhile, offered this in retrospect this morning: "Thx everyone who came last nite 2 support my new perfume True Reflection & the amazing women from Dress 4 Success! Last nite was eventful!"
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