Jennifer Lawrence

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Mockingjays, we seriously hope your Jennifer Lawrence appetite is satisfied.

'Cause The Hunger Games officially hit theaters last night (finally!) and Katniss herself continues to earn phenomenal reviews.

Of course, in exchange for the record-breaking box-office numbers and overwhelmingly positive reviews, Jen has definitely given back to the fans! She's kept us entertained throughout the whole week of press events—with everything from her fashion picks to her always hilarious choice of words.

And since we adore the babe so much and couldn't narrow down our favorite moments to just one, we present you with Jen's top five friggin' fabulous moments of the week!

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Jennifer Lawrence

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1. Jennifer's Dress at the NY Premiere
We thought Jen looked to die for in her gold Prabal Gurung gown at the HG Los Angeles premiere, but the shimmery dress definitely drew some critics. Perhaps it was because her dress wasn't designed by Cinna (Katniss' stylist, played by Lenny Kravitz), or maybe it was because Miley Cyrus chose to be a bit more revealing in that cropped Pucci number.

But no one could deny the bombshell looked a-ma-zing in New York on Tuesday where she chose to show off two of her best assets in a low-cut, green dress. It's an overly sexy look for the understated actress and definitely one of our fave moments of the week.

Who ever said the goofy gal can't be smokin' hot as well? Nicholas Hoult, you're one lucky dude…

2. Team Peetniss
If you have yet to watch Moviefone's "Unscripted" interview with Jennifer Lawrence then go do it. Now. Seriously, we haven't stopped laughing about it all week.

And no, it's not because J.Law coyly admits her nickname is "Kat-piss Never-clean." (Although we find that friggin' hilarious as well).

It's definitely because of the clever nickname Elizabeth Banks suggests for Peeta and Katniss: Peetniss, duh! To which the quick-witted J.Law deadpans, "Yeah, that sounds a lot like penis."

Um, could she be any more perfect?!

3. The Best David Letterman Interview, Ever
If you think Jennifer's one of those pretentious young actresses, then think again, or at least, watch her interview with David Letterman.

Jen's nervous, honest and totally down to Earth. Whether she's calling herself a "troll" or telling Mr. Letterman she is the movie's "biggest mistake," gal is totally self-deprecating in the funniest way possible. J.Law even compares herself to a "shaking and peeing Chihuahua" and David recommends she come back for "twice a week" therapy sessions.

Hey, if Letterman therapy means more of Jen, we'll take it.

4. Jen Shares the Soundtrack to Her Life
Jen loves the Black Keys, but she won't reveal what song she listened to the first time she smoked pot. Seriously. When sat down with Lawrence, they asked the babe what tune she was playing the first time she toked up, and gal fired back:

"I so cannot answer that. I'm in a franchise," Jen quipped.

LOL! And it's moments like this that make the gal just seem so relatable. Her face might be everywhere, but we still feel like J.Law could hang with us non-celebs on a Saturday night. Love.

Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult

Gaz Shirley,

5. She Has a Basketball Buddy in Her Sexy English BF
Of course, we had to mention J.Law's attempt to dodge the Nicholas Hoult question on Ryan Seacrest's KISS FM radio show. The twosome have been dating ever since they met while filming X-Men: First Class, but Jen's carefully stayed mum on the subject of her British BF.

"We're just basketball buddies," she joked to Ryan, clearly referring to those candid shots of the duo on the court.

Hey, it's far from the Kristen Stewart approach, but with all these public appearances, Jen's certainly entitled to a little privacy—as long as paps still snap some adorable smooching pics.

What say you Awful readers? Tell us your favorite Jennifer Lawrence moment of the week! And be sure to let us know what you thought of J.Law in The Hunger Games!

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