Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian handled last night's flour bombing like a pro. But the E! reality star isn't the only celeb whose been ambushed on the red carpet!

Lindsay Lohan also got an unsolicited dusting by PETA activists outside of a Paris nightclub in 2008. The Mean Girls starlet simply dusted herself off and rocked the red carpet anyway. But does everyone keep cool like Kim and LiLo? Here's a look back at five celebrities who faced their own red carpet ruckuses.

Ryan Seacrest, Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen


1. Ryan Seacrest fell victim to The Dictator—er, Sacha Baron Cohen—on this year's Oscars pre-show red carpet. Staying in character, Sacha blindsided the E! News host by dumping Kim Jong II's "ashes" (just pancake mix) on him. Thanks to Ryan's mom's advice, he had a spare jacket on hand. "I was surprised," he said of the incident. "But not surprised."

Isaac Mizrahi, Scarlett Johansson


2.  Scarlett Johansson found herself in an awkward situation on the red carpet at the 2006 Golden Globes. Isaac Mizrahi was asking the blonde bombshell about her curve-flattering dress and then proceeded to grope her breast on live TV. "What is going on?" the actress asked, laughing nervously. She later told the Los Angeles Times that the designer's move was "definitely in poor taste."

Gary Busey, Jennifer Garner


3. Jennifer Garner was not amused when Gary Busey kissed her on the 2008 Oscars pre-show red carpet. To make matters worse, Jen didn't even know who Gary was! "Ask me about getting kissed on the neck on the red carpet by this man. Um, that was nice," she told Ryan Seacrest. "Where is Ben Affleck] right now?" Fortunately Laura Linney saved the day, dragging her pal away. 

Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld

Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

4.  Calvin Klein was pelted with a tofu cream pie by PETA supporters at a fashion event in 2001. The pie-throwers told Vogue, however, that they didn't mean to hit C.K., whose collections are fur free. The intended target? Karl Lagerfeld, who protesters called a "fur pimp."

Katy Perry

5. Katy Perry had an encounter with some shirtless men dressed as Vikings on the 2010 MTV Movie Awards red carpet. The ardent fans disrupted the singer's interview with Access Hollywood. "Sorry, that is so messed up," she laughed, looking back at the half-naked men. "Who invited these guys? They're disgusting!" But our girl had a sense of humor about it all. "You know me! I like the filth," she said.

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