Project Runway, Michael Costello, Mondo Guerra, Austin Scarlett


It's about dang time!

Last week was like an hourlong tease, as we watched Austin Scarlett, Mondo Guerra and Michael Costello prepare for the finale runway show on Project Runway All Stars, but never actually got to see their big moment.

That's what tonight was for.

The final three pulled up to Gotham Hall, where the fashion show took place, and problems started to occur.

Scarlett had to finish his red carpet dress, which meant there were pins on that piece that were hopefully going to be covered by a sash.

Michael's pieces weren't fitting right on the models. One outfit's sleeve was way too tight or another dress was six inches too big. What's going on?! He definitely had to rush to make that work before the show.

Strangely enough, Mondo—who is known to stress out more than the others—didn't have much to worry about. His biggest issue was a pair of tights that were supposed to be opaque but were actually sheer. So a little booty might show, we love that.

Regardless of what hurdles came their way, it was time to line up, because judgment day has finally arrived.

First, Austin showed off his self-titled collection. Then it was Mondo's "Therapy" line, followed lastly by Michael's "Serengeti" pieces.

Everything seemed to have come off perfectly! The judges—including two guest judges: Tommy Hilfiger and Ken Downing from Neiman Marcus—didn't give anything away while watching the designs on the catwalk.

So what did they have to say?

Isaac Mizrahi didn't feel Austin's work was a collection. And the wedding dress threw off Tommy Hilfiger, although many of the judges agreed lots of women would love to get married in that gown, and Austin has a sort of "youth to his glamour."

Mizrahi felt Mondo's line was the most cohesive collection. "This designer really really gets it," Hilfiger said of Guerra.

Hilfiger told Costello, "I think you could put these in the stores tomorrow and sell them." But Georgina Chapman warns Michael that sometimes print looks a little too commercial, and Isaac felt he "mixed it in not the most interesting way."

With all that said, the winner of Project Runway All Stars is...

Mondo! Congratulations!

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