As if death hoaxes weren't bad enough, Twitter can also be a big breeding ground for some good old-fashioned hate.

So what better way to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the social networking service than to highlight some of the mean-spirited things people often say to celebrities like Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell and Joel McHale, to name a few, right? Even better—how about having the stars themselves share the worst tweets they've ever received?

Well, that's just what Jimmy Kimmel had them do last night on his show.

As R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" played in the background, we got to see and hear the likes of McHale reading how someone thinks he's a "d-bag," Ferrell being accused of being "f--king dum," Bell being told she's "ugly" and comedian Andy Dick revealing that a follower wants to physically abuse him "until there's bones in his stool."

Oh, and Anna Faris shared how some folks can be downright...creative?

"If you change the I in Anna Faris' last name to a T, you get 'Anna Farts,' " she read. "Interesting."

Yep. You gotta love modern technology.

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