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Remember that time you were torn between two ridiculously hot brothers who were willing to do pretty much anything for you?

No? Never happened? Well, that's pretty much the weekly predicament Elena (Nina Dobrev) finds herself in on The Vampire Diaries (it's hard out there for a vampire muse!), and we can tell you that when the show returns, it's all coming to a serious head. Not to mention, the show's biggest baddest vampire, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) might find himself smack-dab in the middle of another steamy new love triangle!

We also have scoop on Smash, Mad Men and 30 Rock. But please, don't make us tell you what we just found about about New Girl's Nick and Jess. No, really, we can't even bring ourselves to say it...

ThomasJones: Any scenes coming up for Damon and Elena? Stefan and Elena? Any movement on the love-triangle front?
According to a very solid source, the Damon-Elena-Stefan love triangle will "blow wide open" when the show returns for its spring run with the "Heart of Darkness" episode. (Yee!) So, Delena and Stelena fans, prepare yoselves for battle! And don't forget: TVD boss Julie Plec teased to us more kissing (for all the characters) in the final episodes than all the previous episodes this season combined.

Molly: What can we expect from Tyler's return? What does it mean for Caroline and Klaus?
Tyler makes his return in "Heart of Darkness" with a big sexy scene between him and Caroline. Hope Klaus doesn't find out! No, really. You know how Tyler is all sired to him and everything? That would not end well.

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Jennilee: Please something good on Nick and Jess on New Girl!
Well, you know how she's dating Mr. Fancypants (Durmott Mulroney)? And how our Nick-Jess-shipping hearts could barely take that nasty turn of events? Well, let's just say we pretty much need a pacemaker after hearing the news that Nick is getting back together with his crazy ex, Caroline, and they are going to be talking about moving in together. It burns! It burns! Make it stop!! Plus, as we reported before, Justin Long (Jess' ex) is also coming back in the season finale. Gaah! We caught up last night with Lamorne Morris and he told us when Nick moves out, Tom Lennon (Reno 911) moves in, and Tom is apparently so funny in the role that the cast and crew has to take breathers between takes because they are laughing so hard. Which would all be well and good if this all weren't so tragic for Nick and Jess. Fail!

Mason in Thornton, Colo.: Did we ever find out if January Jones' pregnancy was written into Mad Men?
No, and January Jones certainly isn't telling. But she is dropping some hints. "I can't say whether we used it or not, but I was very happily surprised," Jones tells us. "And it was what I hoped would happen, so I'm just really excited for the fans to see Betty's arc this season. I think it's something we've never seen before and it was a challenge for me, but I just feel really good about it." 

Jon Hamm

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Claire in Pikeville, Ky.: So psyched 30 Rock is doing another live episode! Would Jon Hamm return for it?
Great question. Let's ask Jon Hamm, shall we? "If they ask I'll happily do it," he tells us. "It was a lot of fun to do and again, I'm always of the opinion that if they ask me then I'll happily do it, but for right now I'm just happy to get [Mad Men] out into the world." So, your hit TV show which you star in comes first before 30 Rock? How rude, Mr. Hamm!

Vee: Smash! I want to see Karen as Marilyn! Is that happening soon?
Don't hold your breath. Especially once Uma Thurman blows into town. But like executive producer David Marshall Grant told us when we were on set: Anything can happen. "The road to who is going to play Marilyn takes a lot of twists and turns," he says. "And I think it's been pretty well known that Uma's going to be one of the choices of playing Marilyn." Ivy, Karen and Uma? Geez, Smash, stop hogging all the talent!

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins

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