Whoa!  Prom picture Senior Class of 1998!  That was just last year, right??

I took a walk down memory lane this weekend when I went to a screening of the fourth installment of the American Pie franchise—American Reunion.  I went to watch the first movie by mistake.  I'm sure I shouldn't say this but I actually snuck into the theater.   I know, I know.  It was wrong but I was broke and the ticket taker didn't ask me for my ticket.  But I digress.  I graduated one year before the film came out –GO GRIZZLIES, CLASS OF '98!  WOOHOO—so I felt like this movie was talking to me.  I laughed liked I'd never laughed before at a movie!  This kind of raunchy genre was something I'd never seen before and the audiences went crazy for it.  It was an instant hit!

So fast forward 13 years, and these crazy kids are celebrating their high school reunion.  After seeing the movie I thought, "Really?  Thirteen years have passed?  Are you sure?  I don't think that can be right."  Ahhh yes, I did the math, carried the one, added the three –and indeed, 13 years is correct. 

I celebrated my 10 year reunion three years ago.  Man, time flies!  But it made me think of high school, my high school shenanigans, my high school buddies and lucky for me, like the kids of American Pie, when I see my class of ‘98 fellow Grizzlies, we pick up right where we left off—albeit not as raunchy and foul; nothing I'd admit to anyway!

The movie hits theaters April 6 and the cast is just as crazy as ever!  You can check out my interviews with them at eonline!

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