Lea Michele, Hunger Games

Lionsgate; Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
About Hunger Games casting, how about Lea Michele for Johanna's part? She is a talented actress and would be great for that character. Kisses from Brazil.

Dear Team Lea-na:
Lea may be a talented gal and there's no denying her killer vocals, but I'm not convinced girl is right for the badass role. It's not a terrible suggestion, but we're sticking with our original idea, Kristen Bell, who we think is much more suited to play the role of the tough-talking chick. Sorry, Ren, but Veronica Mars could kick Rachel Berry's butt. Just sayin'.

Dear Ted:
So, first I would just like to say I love your column and your campaign for animal rights, that's also the main philanthropy of my sorority. And secondly, I have a bit of an obsession with Josh Hutcherson and was curious if he's as sweet as he seems and is he seeing anyone?

Dear Hungry for Vice:
Not only is the adorable H.G. actor a total sweetheart (seriously!), he's also very funny. Did you see that high-larious video with Josh and Jennifer Lawrence? Not a mean bone in that dude's body. And lucky for you, Josh is totally on the market, though I don't expect that to last very long. Better act fast, Kat!

Dear Ted:
Suppose we cast the devilish Naya Rivera for Johanna Mason.

Dear Team Naya-na:
Love. Now we're talking! If any Glee babe is to portray Johanna, it's got to be Naya. Gal rocks the tough-talking 'tude better than anyone else at McKinley High. Only problem? Naya might stir up some trouble on the drama-free H.G. set. Then again, maybe that's a good thing…

Dear Ted:
Finnick is supposed to be the most "flawless" guy out there. I can't believe no one has mentioned Matt Bomer for the role. He is visually perfect in every way, and I think he has the acting chops to pull of the different emotions Finnick portrays as well. Thoughts?

Dear 34 Going on 24:
Now I'm not disagreeing with you…completely. Matt is definitely easy on the eyes, no doubt. But methinks he's a bit too old to play Finnick, even though he's as flawless as they come. Sorry, M, I'm sticking with Taylor Kitsch—he can rock the bad-boy 'tude and pull off a softer side. Sorta par-fait for Finnick, no?

Dear Ted:
I love you, man, but Taylor Kitsch for Finnick? Finnick is supposed to be gorgeous and very pretty...Taylor is more husky and not so pretty boy...I agree with a couple of comments saying Ryan Kwanten from True Blood! I will always be a fan!
B in Alaska

Dear Vet Versus Vamp:
I don't know what photos you've been looking at, but my Internet search tells me otherwise. Taylor is all kinds of perfect. He looks sexy with scruff, but can also pull off a clean shave and side-swept hair. Seriously, B? Go check out another photo. Dude is too die for. I say nay to Ryan, but keep the ideas coming!

Dear Ted:
Alec Baldwin
for Plutarch!

Dear H.G. Obsessed:
, you readers are totally into casting this thing. It's actually blowing my mind! So how did The Hunger Games get knocked out of the Ultimate Fan Battle so quickly? Hmmm...wild card round, anyone? Anyway, I'll say Alec isn't a bad choice. Not bad at all. But I think we can do better. I always imagined more of a Laurence Fishburne or Dennis Haysbert type. What do you say to that idea, Mrs. O?

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