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Charlie Sheen is returning to Two and a Half Men…kind of!

Sheen's character Charlie Harper, who died off-screen in the beginning of this season of the CBS comedy, is returning to pay his brother Alan (Jon Cryer) a visit after he lands in the hospital. Of course, given Sheen's less-than-ideal parting with the series, there's a twist: he's not playing the character, Kathy Bates is!

Yes, really! So how is this gender-bending casting switcharoo going down?

It's a ghost invasion!

The Harry's Law actress is set to guest star as Charlie Harper on the April 30 episode of Two and a Half Men. The catch? She's playing the ghost of Charlie who returns in the form of Bates to visit Alan after he suffers a minor heart attack and lands in the hospital. 

While this does seem to be one pretty random casting choice, there is a connection between Bates and Two and a Half Men: Harry's Law and the CBS sitcom are both produced by Warner Bros. Sure, it's a stretch, but it's still a connection.

We're sure Sheen isn't sweating this casting coup too much: he's busy filming his new series Anger Management for FX.

This will be Alan's second trip to the hospital this season: he ended up in a mental institution alongside Gary Busey after having a mental breakdown. 

What do you think of this casting news? Are you excited to see Bates play Charlie Harper? Sound off in the comments!

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