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Lily Collins is so not an edgy, eff-u babe like Kristen Stewart or Rihanna.

If you don't know this (visually, at least), then clearly, you haven't peeped at the Mirror Mirror photos of the beauty—gal perfectly embodies the elegant purity that just screams Snow White.

And in a sea of H'wood rebel chicks, Lily continues to hold onto her good-girl image—making her the par-fait 23-year-old to back the feel-good, kiddie flick.

But that doesn't mean Lil can't share her take on the bad-girl trend…

"It's not me. And it never will be me," Lil stated so very matter-of-factly at the Mirror Mirror premiere at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood Saturday morning.

And it's surprising to see how down-to-earth Collins truly is, considering other starlets her age are off flipping the bird, sporting see-through clothing and posing with penis cakes. Lily's not afraid to admit—she's not that girl:

"Everyone deals with their, uh, situation in this business differently. I can't speak for them because I just…I wouldn't do that. It's not me," she explained while looking very princess-esque in a sparkly, black Dolce & Gabbana dress.

We pressed Lily on why, exactly, she doesn't feel compelled to play into the partying lifestyle many young stars have made so popular:

"There's no need to. I also don't go to places where those kinds of photos are normally taken at 3 in the morning," she quasi-dissed, before putting a positive spin on the sitch. "So, um, my family's here to support me tonight…I just try to keep as normal a profile as I can… And just try to be the same Lily I was before any of this happened," Snow White herself explained.

Hmm…do we sense a bit of disapproval from the fair maiden? Might explain why she's reluctant to publicly hang with Zac Efron, no? After all, condom-dropping's hardly the road to a squeaky-clean image…

Kidding! (Sorta). But really, Lil was sweet as could be on the red carpet, and we're thrilled to see how grounded the gal truly is, especially since she insisted the studio wanted someone wholesome for the part:

"We wanted to make her [Snow White] a real girl, that young girls could see as a friend of theirs," Ms. Collins dished to E! News.

Well, congrats to the Mirror Mirror casting couch—Lil's as perfectly PG as the flick.

What say you Awful readers? Do you prefer badass chicks like Rihanna and Kristen Stewart or sweet-as-pie dolls like Lily Collins?

Sound off below!

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