Emma Stone sure knows how to sell a movie to comic book geeks: just talk about pillow fights!

We caught up with The Amazing Spider-Man leading lady and the film's director Marc Webb at WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, Calif., where they revealed one of Stone's favorite hobbies while filming the superhero flick (which hits theaters July 3), the aforementioned pillow fights. And listen up, fanboys: Stone may or may not have a special outfit she dons for the occasion! 

So what did Stone have to say about the cast and crew's pillow fights?

When asked about what the cast and crew did for fun while making the highly-anticipated film, Webb lists, "Dance party, massage circles, softball," before Stone reveals her love for pillow fights. "The pillow fights were the best!" she enthuses.

Stone loves pillow fights so much that she apparently has a special outfit she wears! "You had the best pillow fight outfit," Webb says. "It was unbelievable!"

Stone's response? "Well, what can you do? I'm a lady that likes pillow fights. Who doesn't?"

Have we mentioned how much we love her?! 

While Stone avoided any talk of romance between herself and on-screen and off-screen beau Andrew Garfield, she says, "I think Andrew's a great actor, so it was great to be his costar. It was very exciting!"

To hear more from Stone and Webb, including acting opposite a tennis ball, watch our interview with The Amazing Spider-Man starlet and director above!

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