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Things got dirty on tonight's episode of Celebrity Apprentice!

Both teams were challenged to create a viral video for an O-Cedar mop. The men, championed by project manager Lou Ferrigno, took a comical route. The Incredible Hulk star danced with the mop and went with the theme, "I'm gonna mop the floor up with you."

The women, however, went with a double entendre "What's your number?" campaign. While not overtly sexual, each woman, under the creative direction of Lisa Lampanelli and guidance of project manager Tia Carrere, revealed how many mops they'd owned in their lives.

So which team won the challenge? And who was fired?

The men's idea was awarded $50,000 for charity, an impressive feat considering Arsenio Hall's quip that he doubted "if anybody on my team has mopped in the last 20 years!"

Ferrigno and Clay Aiken both had major issues with Penn Jillette. "He's like a bull in a china shop," Ferrigno said, while Aiken felt the magician was "condescending."

Fortunately for the fellows, it was the ladies who had to worry about their fate.

Aubrey O'Day and Carrere got into a heated spat, with Lampanelli taking the former Pussycat Doll's side.

"[Tia] has twenty-something years of experience on me," O'Day sniped. "I'm overshadowing her at 27…That's a problem."

"You should fire Tia because she's project manager," O'Day offered.

And when push came to shove, Carrere stepped up to the plate. "Unfortunately I know as project manager, my head is on the chopping block," she told Trump.

She rationalized that if she "were to step up and take that responsibility," someone else would get fired as well.

"[But] if I throw myself on the knife, as it were, take one for the team… because I was the clearing house for info, I was the final say, I approved everything and I was the task leader—if I do that, will you fire another person on the team as well?" she asked.

"No," Trump said simply.

"OK, then I have to take responsibility," the singer said.

"Then Tia, you're fired," Trump said. "Thank you very much. Go ahead. Get out."

And while the women looked friendly as they hugged goodbye, Carrere was clear with how she felt about the competition during a candid chat on the car ride home.

"I'm happy to leave now with my head held high," she said. "The game is getting to a place where people are getting ugly and cruel with each other, and I don't want to be a part of that."

"I just hope they can sleep at night," she added.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you sad to see Tia fired? Sound off in the comments!

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