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Dear Ted:
You've said Sarah Hicks is good for Taylor Lautner, but I wonder. On her public social media pages, people make snide comments about Taylor's famous exes, and in response, she plays the victim or she laughs. Taylor likes to keep it civil with his exes (he may work with them again one day) and it looks like his career is in a valley right now. Did Sarah turn herself into a career liability for Taylor on future projects?
—IMO, a dumb move

Dear Ex Games:
I'm still sticking to my guns that Sarah is good for Taylor. As for any be-yotchy e-gossiping, isn't that what the Internet is for?! But trust me, even though she has a high-profile hunk on her arm, Sarah isn't really a concern for the likes of Taylor Swift and Lily Collins. And she's certainly not the reason Tay's career is in a funk.

Dear Ted:
Well, your stupid tantrum that Jennifer Lawrence is copying Kristen Stewart is slowly being proven wrong. The reviews coming in from The Hunger Games are actually calling Jen a "stellar" actress among much additional praise. So she must not be copying Kristen's mediocre acting ability.

Dear Annie Oakley:
Put down the guns, chica, 'cause you're seeming rather testy about these starlets. Yes, Jennifer is getting fab reviews for THG—which I always said she would (even before seeing the movie), she's only a friggin' Oscar nominee—but that's no reason to trash Kristen. She's had some winning performances too (have you seen The Runaways, dear?).

Dear Ted:
What do you think about George Clooney? Will his arrest affect his career?

Dear Ha!
Of course it won't. If anything, it only makes George look like even more of a white knight. It wasn't like he put up a fight or anything when the cuffs came…and a mark on his permanent record will hardly stop him from starring in Ocean's 17 or whatever Academy-worthy flicks he has planned next.

Dear Ted:
Where is Ashley Greene lately? I haven't seen any pictures of her or any news about her in a long time. Is she in New York or Los Angeles now?

Dear Greene with Envy:
The Big Apple, babe, and she's hard at work. Haven't you heard, Ash turned her TV stint on PanAm into a full-time gig with Americana? And getting her post-vampy career going is far more important these days than any dude.

Dear Ted:
If you had to imagine James Franco mentoring his kid brother, Dave, on the ins and outs of Hollywood life and "lessons learned,' how do you think the conversation might go?

Dear Uh:
"Dude, don't ever host the Oscars."

Dear Ted:
Unfortunately you're right about Jennifer Lawrence trying to be like Kristen Stewart. She doesn't have to. She should just be herself. Now to my real question. I have seen reports that Robert Pattinson bought Kristen a pad in Paris for a cool million. True?

Dear City of Light and Copycats:
To be fair, the entire Hunger Games franchise has been copying Twilight in terms of marketing, so it's not surprising that J.Law is being shopped as a K.Stew 2. And while the chicks have many similarities, Jenny is fab and has a killer personality (just like Kristen! But different!). As for your second Q, they've always been more of renters—that's their style.

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