Jennifer Lopez


See? We're not exaggerating.

Now, it's not like we've never heard of male stunt doubles for female stars before, but this one just takes the cake for us.

While filming the music video for "Follow the Leader" in Mexico, we caught glimpse of Jennifer Lopez's body double, and he definitely fits the part (surprisingly).

We guess there were no Acapulco ladies that were fit for the job (Get it? 'Cause Jennifer is super in shape and stuff).

Rocking an identical black zip-up track jacket and leggings with, what some may argue, a similar facial expression (at least in this photo) and—the greatest part of all—the same semi-cornrowed hair style, mystery man is a dead ringer as J.Lo No. 2.

But we'd need to see his backside to give our full stamp of approval.

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