Project Runway All Stars


And then there were

Austin Scarlett, Mondo Guerra and Michael Costello are the remaining designers vying for the grand prizes of Project Runway All Stars. So it's crunch time.

The guys each have to come up with a mini collection with five pieces and a $3,000 budget for a runway show that's in how many days?!


That gives each designer only four days to come up with and create what they hope will be the winning line for this season. Talk about pressure! And it seemed to get the best of Mondo, who for the first day just isolated himself in his new workspace (the three of them each got their own little room to produce in) and told Michael, "I feel dead inside."

Michael and Austin were not a fan of his attitude, because they each have their own stresses to deal with.

Luckily, Georgina Chapman and her down-to-earth self, stopped by and had a little motivational speech with the guys, and shared that she, too, had those breakdowns before creating a collection, but it went away with time.

Was that the same with Mondo?

Nope, at least, not the rest of that particular day. He continued to be in "a foul mood" and even ditched out on dinner with the other two early. But Michael told Austin, "When he's in that mood, that's when he produces the best work ever."

Guess we'll see soon enough if that's true or not.

After some coin-flipping, everyone got their five models for the show, and then Isaac Mizrahi came for another pep talk and to also give Scarlett, Guerra and Costello the music tracks for the show.

Thankfully, Mondo got in the zone and started creating a therapy-inspired collection, while Michael went the African-safari route and Austin focused on rock-star glam. (Scarlett is also including a wedding dress as one of his pieces. Yeah, that's happening).

Just when we thought everything was smooth sailing, we find out that there is a challenge twist. Yay, twists.

Each designer had to add a sixth piece using discarded fabric (that the show had saved) from their previous challenges and must still go along with the theme of the collection. This should be interesting.

Oh, and all the eliminated designers came back to help out. Austin, Michael and Mondo each got to choose one former contestant to aid them for the next 24 hours (April Johnston teamed up with Michael, Mila Hermanovski with Mondo and Anthony Williams with Austin).

Then the unthinkable happened!

We get to the final work day before the runway show, and once time is up, so is the episode!

We'll have to wait another week before we see who walks away as the winner for Project Runway All Stars. Sigh.

As you as excited as we are to see the final runway show? Who's you pick to win? Sound off in the comments!

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