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Prepare yourselves for a new love triangle, Degrassi fans!

Fans may have noticed Jake (Justin Kelly), who recently split from Clare (Aislinn Paul), and Jenna (Jessica Tyler), who recently gave her son up for adoption, spending a lot of time together and found themselves wondering, "Are these two gonna hook up or what?!" Well, guess what? It's even more serious than that: he's taking her home to meet mom and dad...which includes Clare's mom, who is engaged to his dad. Yeah, awkward doesn't even begin to describe this situation, now does it? 

Warning to "Cake" shippers hoping the soon-to-be step-siblings will reunite soon: You may want to sit down before watching this exclusive clip we got our hands on from Friday's all-new episode of the TeenNick hit...

"Just make sure you stock up on condoms, Jake. This one is fertile!"

Oh, no she didn't! Oh, yes she did! This is the line Clare drops at what might be one of TV's most awkward family dinners ever. Who knew she had it in her?!

Things get messy when plaid shirt-loving Jake decides it's a good idea to invite his new lady friend Jenna over to have dinner with his family, which included his ex-girlfriend/future step-sibling Clare. 

Jenna decides honesty is the best policy when it comes to her son, telling Jake's dad, "I actually had a baby last year...It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but Tyson's new parents are wonderful." While Clare initially looks pleased by this turn of events, she can't believe it when Jake's father says he's "impressed" and her mother, who is very religious, tells Jenna, "It really shows your sense of character." Fed up, Clare snaps and excuses herself from the table, but not before delivering the aforementioned burn.

Yeah, this love triangle is so on.

This isn't the first time Jenna has dated one of Clare's exes. In fact, Clare's first boyfriend K.C. (Sam Earle) cheated on her with Jenna and the two later had Tyson.

Degrassi airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on TeenNick.

Do you like Jake and Jenna as a couple? Do you think Clare has a right to be mad at her ex-bf and ex-BFF? Sound off in the comments!

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