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Misha Collins in coming back to TV, ya'll! It is quite the joyous time to be a Supernatural fan, especially since we have a bit of scoop (directly from Misha himself) about his big return.

Plus, we've got some Glee intel that might have to do with our dear Quinn, and we don't like what it could mean. And guess who's getting a juicy new storyline on Bones? All that, plus scoop on New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl and more in today's serving of Spoiler Chat…

Tom in East Islip, N.Y.: Anything you can tell us about Misha Collins' return to Supernatural?
It just so happens that we chatted with Mr. Collins about his highly-anticipated reappearance as the much-beloved Castiel. While you'll have to wait until next week for our full chat with him (we're such teases), we will share this: Collins describes Castiel's new look as "nerdy" and says he based his voice on Miley Cyrus. Yeah, we think he was joking about the Miley thing, but you just never know with Supernatural now do you?

Kelsey: Got anything on Glee?
Could Quinn (Dianna Agron) be returning to her skanky punk-rock ways (aka: the look she had at the beginning of the season) Glee is searching for a big group of high school students that have a "punk," "goth," and "metal" look to them. Maybe Quinn's accident leads her to fall into the wrong crowd again? This is what happens when a show goes on hiatus for weeks and weeks: we speculate ourselves into a frenzy!

Monicalovesyou: How about something on Gossip Girl? Missing it! I'd prefer something on Serena, Ivy or Blair…
The battle between Ivy and the Van Der Woodsens is only just beginning! And it will be contentious. I'm hearing it will continue gaining force through the end of the season, and pull almost all the characters into its orbit.

Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory


Tyler in Phoenix: Anything on Big Bang Theory!
Sheldon (Jim Parsons) will come face-to-face with his ultimate hero very soon, and sorry it's not the Flash. We recently chatted with Creator Chuck Lorre who revealed they had just filmed a "very exciting" scene at the real Cal Tech with the one and only Stephen Hawking. "Sheldon meets his hero. We're talking about the hero of all heroes, the greatest mind in physics. So we shot a scene with Jim and Stephen and that was quite the experience." Hmm, does anyone wanna place a bet that this will end with another restraining order like when Sheldon met Stan Lee?

Patrick in Cincinnati: All the Bones scoop you've given us is about the Bones baby…what about the rest of the crew?
Are you by chance a Sweets fan? Because or old boy has a great storyline coming up, it includes getting a new partner and possibly a new romance? Bones is looking for a recurring character to play both!

Liz in Los Gatos, Calif.: I need Mad Men scoop or I think I might die
Wow, that is quite dramatic. Let's see if we can talk you off the ledge. John Slattery offers up this about the new season: "I think there's a simplicity to this season that reminded me of the first season. It's circling back to investigate some of the core characters. It's quite satisfying." It only took them 17 months, but Mad Men is back!

NEW GIRL, Zooey Deschanel

Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Casie in San Luis Obispo, Calif.: All I want in life is a cupcake and some New Girl info!
Well, we can't give you a cupcake because we ate them all. So here's a sweet piece of New Girl scoop. We all know that Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Cece are keeping their sexy rendezvous very hush hush at the moment, but soon all will be revealed to Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and the roomies (and no, it’s not from using the sharing stick). Hannah Simone tell us the besties "really get into it" in an upcoming episode. "It’s a very interesting, wonderful episode when they find out because I feel like that was a big betrayal,” Simone says. “It’s the first time you see the friendship go through a bit of a complicated situation." Yikes!

Marybeth in Laurel, Md.: I need scoop on MTV's Awkward. right now!
Remember last season's school play about drunk driving? Of course you do, because it was freakin' awesome. Well, we think season two's school play might top it. Expect appearances by the Devil, Cain and Joan of Arc. No, we're not kidding. Have we mentioned how much we love this show?

Mike in Albany, N.Y.: I need CSI: NY scoop now!
Goodness gracious! We typically wouldn’t reward harsh words with such awesome scoop, but we’re particularly excited about this one: We’ve got some new pledges coming on the show, but they’ll be leaving their kegs and togas in the past. Greek alums Spencer Grammer  and Aaron Hill will make their first Cypress-Rhodes reunion in the upcoming episode "Flash Pop" set to air March 30. When we hit the set Grammer explained the eerie storyline: "A group of us lab techs find out that one of our own has been murdered and it’s in relation to this 1957 murder. So, it’s very exciting.” Grammer gushed saying it was a complete coincidence to meet up with her former costar. "It was one of those fated things. How weird is that?" It's a ZBZ/Kappa Tau murder party, ya'll!

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

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