Jermaine Jones, American Idol


Jermaine Jones, once a member of American Idol's Top 12, now belongs to another group.

With Jones' dismissal from the show Tuesday night for his failure to disclose an arrest record, the "Gentle Giant" became the latest hopeful cut for conduct unbecoming an Idol.  

A look at other DQ'd finalists and semifinalists:  

1. Corey Clark: Jones was just the second AI finalist to get the boot; this curly-haired crooner from season two was the first. Clark, who would later claim an affair with judge Paula Abdul, an allegation Idol''s powers-that-be ruled unfounded, was booted for not coming clean on an arrest. (Sound familiar?) 

2. Frenchie Davis: This belter wasn't even the first semifinalist axed by producers from star-crossed season two (Jaered Andrews was), but, owing to her big voice, her ouster (related to a modeling stint for an adult Website that—as the pattern goes—she failed to alert the show to) remains one of Idol's biggest surprises, if not losses.

3. Donnie Williams: A semifinalist from season three, Williams was toasting his Idol success when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. While the show quit Williams ASAP, Williams wasn't able to quit his drinking problem for another five years, he recently told Florida's Sun-Sentinel.  

4. Joanna Pacitti and Chris Golightly: So, while it's important to (a) avoid producing a police record during the show, and (b) disclose a police record produced before the show, it's equally important to (c) let producers know what music records you've produced, as these two semifinalists from season eight and season nine, respectively, learned the hard way.

5. Delano Cagnolatti: A history-maker, this season-one pioneer was the first-ever Idol semifinalist to be sent home for a rules violation. At a time when Idol contestants could be no older than 24, Cagnolatti was found to have fibbed about his age—saying he was 23, when he was really an elder of 29.

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